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Everyday Love | I Never Liked Lipsticks

I love makeup but I never liked putting on lipsticks, weird I know. Ever since you will always see me with a winged eyeliner but never a lipstick. I guess I liked going on bare with my natural lip color and also I can't find the right color that suits me. I rarely put on lipstick and those times are only during occasions. I guess there's a part of me that I'm too shy to emphasize my lips and don't want to get attention to that area. Just a few years back I got the courage to change my views and I need to make myself more presentable but in a natural way. I got to try different lip colors from beauty bars but still failed looking for the right one. Frustrated, I browsed through instagram for nude lippies and luckily found one that is locally made. Everyday Love.

Everyday Love is a local brand which makes home goods and now they switched to lipsticks. What I love about local brands is they are very affordable! And we are supporting and promoting our fellow kababayans business. You can check their website here.

I guess one reason why I chose their brand aside from being local are the colors they have. Since I love going bare with my lips before, I thought what about trying nude lipstick instead of nothing all the time. Thee color names are simple, they have #1 #2 #3 #4 and #5 for the nudes, and #8 and #9 are the red tones. Here I bought two of their shades, #3 and #4, but before purchasing I searched what the shades look like on the lips just to make sure I get the right one.

- Every bottle has 7ml, more than the regular tube of colourpop and kylie lipkits (3.25ml). More products for us!
- The bottle does not look cheap and tacky, and the glass used was thick so that's good.
- I like how minimal the packaging is.

Their applicator glides on smoothly to the lips!

- The consistency per lipstick is the same, liquid, it's very easy to apply.
- One layer is enough.
- Super long lasting! Tho after you eat you may see it'll get erased in the inner part of your lips. Mind you, to erase them fully you may need to use a makeup remover or in my case I use VCO.
- You may need to erase them fully before applying again as they will look clumpy if you just reaapply.
- Use a lip balm or lip scrub before every application to smoothen out the canvas.

- They have that sweet licorice smell, and I don't mind that.

This one is a nude pink! Perfect for daily use if you want to have that light and fresh color. For a simple look this one is the best. Love the color, although I prefer using a bit mauve-y color or something a tad darker than this.

#4 is my favorite! In nude tones I prefer using browns or reds. I find myself always reaching for this one than #3. Perfect for everyday use as well if you want to "umph" up your look. I'm excited to try #1 as well since it has a brown, orange tone to it.

I've never been so happy using lipstick on myself. Nudes are the only ones I enjoyed and will always love using! Thanks Everyday Love for changing my mind and making my lips feel loved and pretty :)

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Instagram: @everydayloveph

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥