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Smelling Fresh With Belo Baby Cologne

Commuting for a day-to-day basis our clothes accumulate pollution and dirt. While taking a bath everyday is refreshing and cool, due to weather changes we begin to sweat and may cause different odors. I know the feeling when you sit with another person who's sweating a lot and you can smell them, that's why hygiene care is important and using cologne or perfume. For me using fragrance is not only for my benefit but also for the people I encounter with daily. Smelling good is essential when you meet with people especially clients, as a blogger, we have to look and smell presentable. Good thing Belo released a set of cologne line that's best for kids and adults to help us stay fresh!

They released three scents, cool drizzle, happy tickle and sweet snuggle.

Each cologne represents different personalities and is great for different occasion as well. Cool drizzle is best used after taking a bath, day to day use. Happy tickle is for when your about to do daily errands and is great scent for work. Lastly sweet snuggle is the best for any special occasion as it's floral scent will bloom in the room.

Belo created this fragrance especially for babies since it's hypoallergenic, absolutely free of parabens, pthalates, and coloring agents and it's not harsh for the delicate skin. i'm glad I can use these amazing scent everyday! By the way my favorite is Happy tickle! How about you? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥