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Madison 101 Hotel + Tower | A Quick Staycation


The hustle and bustle of city life can sometimes be stressful and tiring. Working three jobs can fully drain a person, like me, and may soon burn out. That's why it's very important to take care of yourself, go out and unwind every once in a while. Lately I've been wanting to have that relaxing day where I won't have to deal with waking up early, doing my makeup, not deal with any work for a little while and stay in bed all day watching my favorite tv shows and movies while munching in chips and pizza. Another thought is going to the beach, stay in a hammock and sleep till noon; however travelling costs time and effort and I want something fast. That's why we chose Madison 101 Hotel + Tower!

Madison 101 Hotel + Tower is located in New Manila, Quezon City with 120 rooms that provides the ideal accommodation away from home. The area is very convenient and housed within the property of a laundry service, courier service, money transfer, room massage, pharmacy and a bank. These are important for a lot of guests, especially the bank or atm machine.

We stayed at the Double Deluxe Room which has two beds. The room consists of a bathroom, television with cable, small refrigerator, ac and a a long table. I'm glad the room has a lot of sockets so you won't worry about charging all your electronics. The bed side lamp also has a socket so you can charge your phone while staying in bed. I was glad the hotel has free wifi for every room, speed was not fast but it was useful for browsing the net. We have a a small ref inside the room with 2 complimentary bottled waters, yay!

Unfortunately they don't have a restaurant yet however they have a cafe situated at the basement where pasta and sandwiches are served. If you're thinking "where did you get your dinner?" Well they have an in house cook, tenant, where you can order food and they'll bring it up to your room just like room service! 

Next day! Told you I just want to stay in the room all day. Another perk I like even tho they don't have a breakfast buffet is they'll take your breakfast to your room! I really don't mind this because the purpose of my stay is to be relaxed and stay in my room.

They also have an on-call masseuse if you want to, just dial to the front desk. It's also budget friendly! It think it's around 250-300 for an hour!


I'm glad with my stay at Madison 101 Hotel because I achieved what my goal is, to stay in my room and not worry about work, what I'll wear, should I put on makeup, what I'll eat. Here I can be myself and get the "me time" I always needed.

By the way the hotel is student friendly and they have dorms you can rent for a month, for those doing their thesis or ojt. What I like about the hotel is it's affordable, you can easily travel to it since it's nearby for a quick staycation, safe since they have a police station just outside and even tho it's situated in front of the lrt rail you won't hear the noise outside. It's a place where you can come back often with family or for couples. If you're thinking about parking spaces, they have a few for guests located in front of the hotel, don't worry about it because security personnel are roaming around the area so your cars are safe.

Rooms - Bed, sheets, pillows, tv, ref, ac all good! Tho I saw a small cockroach in the bathroom but that can be fixed. Room size is also good!
Food - Can be improved.
Service - Friendly and accommodating, one minor thing is the staff who brought us to our room didn't mind to help us with our luggage I think he's an ojt, they can still improve on that.
Parking - Safe and a few slots available
Noise - Not much

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Aurora Blvd., corner Madison St. New Manila, Quezon City

Facebook: @madison101ph
Instagram: @madison101ph
Contact: 723-1111 | 0936-9119039

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥