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Brother's Labeler Bundles!


Level up your home and office organization skills by getting a handy new Brother P-Touch Labeler—bundled with two rolls of 12mm TZe tape to get you started!


Make your own exquisitely-crafted labels for both your home or office with the enhanced and easy-to-use design and printing capabilities of Brother’s P-Touch label printer line.


The budget-friendly Brother PT-D210 standalone label maker (P3,840), which can print on up to 12mm TZe tape, is a great place to start making your own labels. It comes with a wide variety of symbols and frames to decorate your labels with and makes high-quality labels with auto-lamination for an affordable price.


The high-quality Brother PT-D400 label printer (P4,740) gets you more memory, with up to 50 slots for your most-used labels, and more flexibility by being able to print up to three lines.


When you want the best performance, you can go for the Brother PT-D600 label printer (P7,240) with a full-color LCD screen, printing on up to 24mm TZe tape, faster print speed, and USB connection feature, letting you upload designs from your PC for more creative labels.


All P-Touch labelers are easily portable, running on both battery power and a charger, and pack a flexible QWERTY keyboard plus preview screen that can help you quickly create your designs.


It’s never too late to up your label game! Get your own P-Touch Labeler with free TZe tape and start changing the way you organize things at home or in the office. Visit your nearest Brother Authorized Dealers nationwide (National Bookstore, Octagon, and Office Warehouse). Operating stores depend per city based on Enhanced Community Quarantine or General Community Quarantine guidelines.


For more details on this promo, customers may visit our Facebook page They can also call the Brother Helpdesk Hotline at (02) 8 581-9898, or through the toll-free line at 1-10-BROTHER or send an e-mail to

DIY Taho and Sorbetes at Home with

It's very exciting when you hear Manong taho every morning and give him your talllest glass to fill with that sweet mouthwatering and hot taho. It fills us with warmth and feeling of being home when we have this drink. Ever since the ECQ began most of us or all of us, were not able to have this drink in the morning, or even noon or at night. For some of us, it may be a part of their daily routine and missed it so much during this ECQ. Now of course there are ways to have taho every morning or any time of the day!

Avenida Pedestrian Delights will surely give you delight with their DIY taho! You can now make your own taho at home! More sago and arnibal please! So what does this kit consist of???

- It has your taho base(silken tofu), arnibal and small sago plus they provide a sandok too! You can now fulfill that dream of making your own taho! These are made every morning from 6am and 7am.

- 1/2 gallon container (up to 8 servings of 8oz cup) = 300php
- 1 liter (up to 4 servings of 8oz cups) = 150php
- extra arnibal = 35php
- extra sago = 25php

- You can message them on facebook or instagram
- They are located at Mandaluyong
- Mode of payment is through BDO or Gcash
- or contact them at 0906 4845785

They also have Soy milk in three flavors! Regular, Cappucino and Chocolate. This has zero preservatives so make sure to consume it right away.

- Regular (500ml - 60php) (1liter - 100php)
- Cappucino (500ml - 65php) (1liter - 110php)
- Chocolate (500ml - 65php) (1liter - 110php)

They also have sorbetes or sorbelato! You can have that artisanal sorbetes at home too! They currently have 12 flavors and they are all delicious! Their sorbelato is made up of skim milk and fresh coconut milk, they use fresh fruits and real ube and cheese plus zero preservatives!

- Regular (Buko, Cheese, Chocolate, Melon, Vanilla)
- Special flavors (Coffee, Cookies and cream, Ube, Strawberry)
- Premium flavors (Avocado, Mango, Ube Macapuno)

- Regular (1/2 gallon - 500php) (1/4 gallon - 300php)
- Special flavors (1/2 gallon - 600php) (1/4 gallon - 350php)
- Premiu flavors (1/2 gallon - 700php) (1/4 gallon - 400php)

Waffle cone : 45php/ pack of 18

Super fast transaction with them plus their Taho and Sorbelato are really good! I recommend you guys to try this! Sulit na sulit especially the taho :) They also sell ISKRAMBOL KIT for 300-1000 pesos!!!

You can pick up orders at Mandaluyong from 8:30 - 4pm (11am preferred time to keep taho quality). They also have partners where you can order if you're from Paranaque, Eastwood, Katipunan, Santolan, Manggahan or Commonwealth.


Hayejin Global | Pamper and Replenish Your Skin

Skincare is my current obsession and daily ritual. I know we are not getting younger every day but doing this routine helps slow down the signs of aging, plus it's also a form of self-love and some me-time. Of course, skincare takes time for us to see visible results, and some works the longer you use them. Now I have been trying out this skincare line for about 6 months or more and I'm happy to share with you my experience with it! 

Hayejin is a Korean skincare brand where they infuse the essence of nature into the skin with nature-derived ingredients. What they focus on are manufacturing products that are less chemical-based and artificial for the skin to absorb more of the nature-derived ingredients. They have sent me products to try and I was very excited to try them out! They sent me some of their products to try and I have the Blessing of Sprout Toner, Blessing of Sprout Enrich Serum, and Blessing of Sprout Vitality Cream. Just a disclaimer not all skin products I use will be effective for you, skincare is very personal and may vary for different skin types. Also my skin type is combination, normal on the center, and dry on other areas.

Blessing of Sprout Radiance Toner - 1490php
A hypoallergenic radiance toner to help clarify the skin's complexion.

- It has radiance capsules which the skin will easily absorb for a brightened complexion.
- It contains natural botanical sprouts, Nelumbo Nucifera Germ extract and 10 more herbs to improve the health of fatigue skin.
- Replenish the skin without the sticky sensation.
- It has 120ml of product.

- For a complete list of ingredients click here.

- Very fresh and a whole lot of fragrance, I'm not a fan of strong fragrances on products but this one will soon fade. It smells like nature.

- It has a slightly thick watery consistency.

- As I said I'm not a fan of fragrance on products as they sometimes mask the smell of chemicals or other ingredients. It has a strong flowery nature smell to it but you can get past it as it easily fades. I love the fact that all ingredients are safe to use. I actually researched if all ingredients were safe for the skin and they are! This big bottle already lasted for more than 6 months, and it did not irritate my skin. It is not sticky or has a tacky feeling to it. However, sometimes when I open the bottle there are small radiance capsules that get stuck on the cap, but that is ok no need to be bothered by it. Overall it did prep my skin for the next skincare step, well that's the job of toners. Personally, it's on the pricey side and you can get the same result with other toners as well at a cheaper price.

Blessing of Sprout Enriched Serum - 1390php
A silky serum that will help promote anti-wrinkle care and improve complexion.

- It has the full energy of Nelumbo Nucifera Germ Extract and sprout extract which are quickly absorbed for smoother skin.
- Penetrates the skin fast plus it's brightening and anti-wrinkle.
- It contains 8 amino acids for damaged skin and boosted to fight wrinkles.
- It has 30ml of product.

- For a complete list of ingredients click here.

- They actually all smell the same as they have same extracts used. But then again you can get past that.

- It has a smooth silky consistency which dries up in a couple of seconds.

- This serum is a great one, although it was used up faster than the others it gave me a great result. This one dries up in a couple of seconds and is not super tacky. It glides smoothly on the skin and did not irritate me at all. I only use one whole drop on my entire face and I only use this at night. I saw that my skin was glowing, however, the brightening claim to it I really did not see. Is it worth it to buy? I think so, and it will work best paired with their moisturizer.

Blessing of Sprout Vitality Cream - 1490php
A firming cream where the skin will be intensely moisturized.

- It has the full energy of Nelumbo Nucifera Germ Extract and sprout extract which are quickly absorbed for smoother skin.
- It has wild resurrection plants to control cell moisture layer and deliver moisture to dry skin.
- It contains shea butter, centella asiatica extract, which restores health to damaged skin.
- Whitening and wrinkle improving.
- It has 50ml of product.

- For a complete list of ingredients click here.

- They actually all smell the same as they have same extracts used. But then again you can get past that.

- It was a weird feeling when I first touched the product. It seems jelly-like and dense, but you have to scoop it to get the product and not just swipe your finger on it. It feels smooth and jelly-like.

- As I said it was weird at first. I did not know if I should scoop the product or just swipe my finger. For weeks I was just swiping my finger and I was able to get enough amount of product to use on my face and neck. Little did I know I can scoop the product on the tub to get more! I was confused because it looks jelly-like and dense, like when you swipe your finger on it, it won't dent. But good thing I get to use the product and I'm almost done with the entire tub just now! It really moisturizes your skin, and the product does not dry up that fast. It's very thick and moisturizing. Regarding the brightening agent, I didn't see that result. Will I buy it again? Maybe!

If you want to know more about their other products you can check their website here. They laso have sunscreens, face masks, and other product lines. You can buy their products through Lazada or Shopee!

Overall the product line is great, it has promising effects and benefits. However, I really did not see the brightening factor. If you think that is a deal-breaker then this may not be the product for you, but if you are looking for natural ingredients on your skincare and really feel moisturized then you should try this line!

Affordable Baked Sushi | Moshi Yummies


Baked sushi is all the rage now, that's why there are a lot of chefs and home cooks out there selling this mouthwatering, creamy and cheesy sushi bake! I know there are so many options out there regarding the size, taste, and price but if you are looking for an affordable one that already tastes heavenly you might want to try Moshi Yummies! They have been selling lactating cookies before and now they tried their hands on this heavenly baked sushi. I bought 1 small tray from them and boy was I excited to try it and share my thoughts with you!

Their small trays can be consumed by 2-3 people, but for me of course I can finish this tray for myself LOL. This dish consists of a layer of Japanese Rice, mangoes, kani, and nori. It also comes with 1 pack of crispy seaweed!

- 470 small tray (7x4in)
- 920 medium tray (8x8in)

- I'm a big fan of anything that's creamy and cheesy so I was drawn when I heard about Baked Sushi. This particular one is cheesy and creamy, just the way I imagined it will be. Plus it has a little bit of spiciness to it but very tolerable even for people who don't like spicy food. You can taste every ingredient they added here, the cream on top is not overwhelming and nakakasawa, just the right balance of ingredients. You can reheat this to your liking, but it's still warm when it arrived.

- Of course, I was very excited when my order came! I took a photo and video very fast so I can devour this immediately LOL. Kuya Archie is very accommodating and the transaction is very fast, you can pay via Gcash, BDO or BPI. The delivery was late, but that one was because of the courier. It was alright as long as the food arrived haha. This one is really good! I may have eaten more than half of the tray because it's that good! I may need to order a bigger one next time haha. I recommend this for those who want to try baked sushi but are on a budget! You can reach them through instagram of facebook.

Facebook: @moshiyummies
Instagram: @moshiyummies

Foreigners Who Fell In Love With The Philippines

No matter which way you look at it, no matter who you are, the COVID-19 pandemic is definitely a tough situation. Plans, careers, and whole ways of life have undoubtedly been disrupted by the virus, forcing everyone to stay home for their own safety. It’s doubly hard if you’re a traveler in a foreign land when the virus strikes and quarantines are imposed, leaving you with no choice but to stay where you are in order to avoid the risks.

As the Philippines sees millions of tourists every year, it’s inevitable that there would be some travelers who ended up getting stranded in the country as the government ordered a community quarantine to safeguard public health and curb the spread of COVID-19. However, something interesting happened—some foreign nationals chose to stick by the country, having been charmed by everything it has to offer.

Here are some of the amazing stories of their time here:

Chris & Carol of Jumping Places
Chris and Carol, travelers from Brazil, first arrived in the Philippines back in February. They were out on a tour in the Gigantes Islands when they heard about the quarantine, which made them afraid at first—but they eventually thought it was a good decision to stop COVID-19 from spreading. 
After deciding that it was better and safer for them to stay in the Philippines, they moved to El Nido, Palawan, for better amenities. It didn’t take long for them to fall in love with the place for its easy way of life and its breathtaking beauty.
“When I go outside just to get groceries, I know we can’t spend time on the beaches, but just going past it and looking, it’s like a reset button,” said Chris in their vlog that explains their decision. “Filipinos, in general, are just positive people, and that’s helping a lot.”
“We may feel a bit sad sometimes because we miss our families and friends, but at the same time we realized that we are lucky to be stuck in a place like the Philippines,” he continued. “Even the very few people that we meet are being friendly and very nice to us. They’re always smiling even knowing that things are not so good out there, and we think that’s the mindset that we all must try to have.”
Mike and Nelly of Making It Happen
Austrian travel vloggers Mike and Nelly found themselves stuck outside of Manila when the quarantine struck, so they decided to travel to Siargao, where they knew some people. While they admit that their situation is a little difficult, the generosity of Filipinos makes it easier for them to bear as they wait to be able to get back to the capital.
“The Filipino generosity never ceases to surprise me,” said Mike in this vlog entry where Filipino friends hosted them for a get-together on Mother’s Day. “I wish it were like that everywhere on planet Earth, but we are lucky to be in the situation that we can be here in the Philippines.”
“I am very, very grateful that we are able to experience [Filipinos’ hospitality],” added Nelly.
Jmayel and Sacha of Eight Miles From Home
English family Jmayel, Sacha, and their daughter Story are also staying in Siargao, where they feel fortunate to be stuck in. They visited the Philippines as they were looking for a new home, a place to “feel content in”— and ended up in Siargao as a tourist destination right before the government announced a quarantine. 
Siargao provides them a nice, quiet, and inspiring environment where their entire family can stay calm and relaxed while waiting out the quarantine. The family considers the pandemic as some sort of sign that they should be moving—if not to Siargao, then to somewhere in the Philippines in general.
“I love the way it feels on the island, just general day-to-day living. It has a very nice, relaxed vibe,” said Sacha in their vlog entry explaining their circumstances. “The people are wonderful, and the island attracts a good crowd.”
“We are safe & sheltered on what can only be described as a paradise & we are grateful for that each day,” said Jmayel. 
Carson and Zowie of Bisayang Hilaw
American travel vlogger Carson Moody and his Filipina-Australian girlfriend Zowie Palliaer ended up spending their quarantine in Dumaguete City. Carson, who professes a genuine love for the Filipino culture and people with his extensive content immersing himself in it, manages to stay upbeat and positive despite the quarantine. You can check out a glimpse of their daily quarantine life in this vlog entry, which shows them taking it easy in Dumaguete.
“If you look closely, you’ll see raw, authentic Filipino life. A young girl by herself on a bamboo boat with ramshackle homes by the river. Forget the tourist spots. This is what the Philippines is all about, and moments like this will always be my favorite,” says Carson.
Anna and Trevor of the Delightful Travellers
Canadian travel vloggers Anna and Trevor also found themselves stuck in wonderful El Nido, Palawan when the quarantine hit. They arrived in early March and were given the option to repatriate in April, which they turned down after realizing that they had the chance to stay in what they considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.
“We are in one of the most beautiful places in the world—that’s just a nice perk,” said Trevor in their fateful vlog entry in which they discussed their options. “The people have been exceptionally nice to us, we feel right at home, we feel safe. We feel really good about where we are.”
“We don’t know how long we’re going to be here, but we think this is the right thing to do,” said Anna.
George and Lucy of the Juicy Vlog
Manila-based British travel vloggers George and Lucy moved to the Philippines in 2019 to explore everything the country had to offer but got caught up in the quarantine in March. The worst-case scenario hasn’t dampened their spirits and sentiments about the Philippines, as all its sites and experiences still occupy a special place in their hearts.
 “We definitely wanna go back into our family afterward, of course, we do. It’s not gonna be a permanent move back to the UK, we still have [the Philippines],” said George in a recent vlog where a fan asked them about their current plans.
Rod of RodVivKids
Dutch travel vlogger Rod, who documents his travels with Filipina wife Viv and their six kids found themselves stranded in Marabut, Samar as they were spending their vacation. With such a big family, they eventually needed some help to get by, which they were easily able to get from both generous neighbors and fans.
“Thank you so much for helping us out—seeing the deeds, instead of just words,” said Rod of compassionate Filipinos who sent money to help the family in their time of need in a recent vlog entry. “When we say we care for people, we should also show it in our deeds.”
Despite the less-than-ideal situations we’re all facing right now, if there’s anything these positive stories and these enthusiastic foreigners have shown us, it’s that we can always see the bright side of a worst-case scenario—and having breathtaking environments that the Philippines is well-known for and warm, welcoming Filipinos definitely help. 
For the latest travel updates and advisories in relation to COVID-19, visit
Until we can travel again, stay home, dream, and #WakeUpInPH by planning your next dream vacation to the Philippines. Check out

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