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Loving Your Pinay Skin | Biore

When I was a kid all I know about sunscreen is that I only need it if I'm going to swim and I'd have to wait until it settles on my skin. Little did I know it should be worn daily! Sunscreen nowadays is not only used for when you're going to beach but it is essential for our day to day life. Skin care experts have established that UV protection is fundamental for everyday skin care regimen of every Filipina, since it protects our skin from the harmful rays of the sun and aging effects.

For me my day to day life consists of commuting and exposing my skin to the sun, although I always use an umbrella that is not enough to save my skin from pollution and other harmful aspects like stress. Proper skin care regimen is always a must for our skin and with daily UV body serum it will help protect us from both the sun and other factors.

Japanese skin care cult-favorite Biore unveils Biore UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum, the latest addition to its coveted line of skin care formulas. The lates skin line was formulated based on the needs of today's Filipina - from the nuances of her Asian skin to the everyday skin stressors that she faces. Biore wants us to have that daily option that's great for sun protection plus added benefits. Its Superior Double UV Block with SPF 50+ and PA+++ promises to shield the skin from UVB rays that causes dark spots, freckels, sunburn and protects it against UVA rays that cause premature aging. While the SPF factore alone of Biore UV Body Care serum is already impressive, this amazing product is still surprisingly light-weight and absorbs in the skin easily.

Formulated with mineral water from Japan, the ultra-lightweight serum prevents skin dehydration and spreads and absorbs easily, leaving the skin with an invisible finish. Biore UV Body Care serum will leave no white residue, no oily finish - just fresh and sun-protected skin.

399 pesos 150ml
Biore UV Body Care serum Anti-Pollution in Intensive White promises a fairer and brighter skin in 14 days with Vitamin B3 and Yuzu Orange Extract.

399 pesos 150ml
Biore UV Body Care serum Anti-Pollution in Extra Moist offers next-level skin care with Vitamin B3 for moisturizing.

I personally love the smell of this! The first time I used it I thought someone else smelled good, but it was just me! The finish is very light and the skin absorbs it immediately leaving it smelling good and protected. For cold days I usually use the extra moist and for regular days I use the intensive white.

Available in Watsons, Landmark, PCX, Metro Department Store and Beauty MNL.

If you want a light facial sunscreen THIS IS THE BEST! You can also purchase this in BeautyMNL for 397 pesos! I tell you I was shocked with this one since it's very light-weight and it protects my skin! For those who doesn;t want a sticky facial sunscreen you should try this!

Lots of love

Alyssa ♥

Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus | Perfect for Active People and Teens

They say eyes are the window to the soul so all the more important that we have a clear vision. I remember back then I would wear glasses without grade just to look cool or smart even though I have perfect vision. It was something I wanted to wear when i was young but as I'm getting older it was something I never wanted to wear and having poor vision was a scary thought. I'm grateful that I can still see clearly despite of sitting in front of the computer everyday and browse social media every minute. In my mind I still hope the day won't come when I may need to wear glasses.

Recently I attended an event with Dailies Contact Lenses and this opened my eyes to a whole new view about my options if ever my eyes gets poor vision! Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus is the answer for everyone who doesn't want to wear glasses, active people or even teens!

Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus is your daily disposable contact lens, hygienic and hassle free. It's the perfect match for active people and answer for teens who doesn't want to wear glasses or who are moving from prescription glasses.

A study in the United Kingdom showed that teenagers who moved from prescription eyeglasses to Alcon Dailies (DAILIES® AquaComfort® Plus) contact lenses experienced significant improvement in overall quality of life. They had a more positive attitude about their appearance, felt more accepted by peers, and thought they performed better in sports.

“For many teenagers who wear prescription eyeglasses for myopia, also known as nearsightedness, moving to contact lenses is a rite of passage. Contact lenses that provide comfort, convenience and enhanced vision can make this important milestone a positive experience for teenagers,” said Dr. Carmen Abesamis-Dichoso of Abesamis Eye Center. Dr. Dichoso is known in the field of optometry for her advocacy on contact lenses.

Developed by Alcon, Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus contact lenses deliver blink-activated moisture for refreshing comfort throughout the day. It harnesses the power of every blink to boost comfort and dynamically reinfuses the tear film.

Fourteen year-old Christiana Amanda Lauren Romano is an outgoing, athletic “tweenager” who is a varsity tennis player of her school. This is despite the fact that Callie (her nickname) has high-degree myopia and wears prescription eyeglasses.

“Having to wear eyeglasses in school, during social activities and while playing sports was really tough for her,” says Callie’s mother, commercial model Dimples Romano. “She felt self-conscious about her movement and had to constantly adjust her eyeglasses when playing tennis.”

Like many parents, Dimples admits having the notion that contact lenses were only for adults. “Fortunately, I heard about the Alcon ‘freedom’ contact lenses and how safe, effective and convenient it is for teenagers to wear. Thanks to Alcon Dailies contact lenses, Callie now has more confidence and more freedom to move, enabling her to reach her full potential as an athlete, student and young woman.”

Aside from considering the move to contact lenses as a rite of passage, teenagers want contact lenses because they want to be free from eyeglasses for social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. They can also benefit from wearing contact lenses for special occasions and activities. Children aged 11- 16 years are more interested in contact lenses for activities and sports. On the other hand, those aged 17- 22 years are more interested in contact lenses for physical appearance-related reasons, such as for socializing, to look prettier, and to be able to wear sunglasses.

Moving from eyeglasses to contact lenses is a milestone teenagers will never forget. Visit your local eye care professional for a fitting of Alcon Dailies.

A 30-piece pack of Alcon Dailies retails for only P1,495.00. Avail of the Alcon Dailies Summer Promo and enjoy 20% discount on two boxes of Alcon Dailies. Check out our website and like us on our Facebook Dailies Contacts PH and Instagram accounts. # FreedomToConnect

My All-time Favorite Jollibee Meal


When it comes to a satisfying lunch, nothing can beat a classic kanin at ulam combination like Jollibee’s Burger Steak.

Made with 100% pure beef, the Burger Steak patty is a winning ulam on its own—a beef patty cooked just right and seasoned to fit the Pinoy palate. Add the mouth-watering mushroom gravy—a flavor-packed sauce with real mushroom slices that complements and amplifies the beefy patty—and you’ve got yourself dalawang linamnam sa isang ulam that goes perfectly with a steaming serving of white rice!

Best of all, you get to enjoy this explosively delicious beefy-saucy combo at prices that will make you crave for more! The Burger Steak is available at all Jollibee branches nationwide for dine-in, delivery, take-out, and drive-thru for only PHP 50.00* (solo).

Like Burger Steak aficionado and endorser Anne Curtis in her latest Jollibee commercial, sing your heart out for your dalawang linamnam sa isang ulam fave anytime, anywhere!

For more information on Jollibee’s latest products and promotions, like the Jollibee Philippines official Facebook page or follow @Jollibee on Twitter and Instagram.

The New LG G7 ThinQ

I admit I am not into tech gadgets, but when it comes to phones and how it will help and make my day easy then I'm into that! I remember attending an event when LG released their G6 and how time flies so fast they unveiled the NEW LG G7 ThinQ!

Combining exciting innovations, a sleek design, and stunning display and sound with LG’s intuitive ThinQ AI technology, the G7 ThinQ takes the smartphone experience to unprecedented heights. The G7 ThinQ comes with a Super Bright 6.1-inch display that, at 1000nit is brighter than any other mobile phone screen. This, along with the phone’s AI-powered operational and creative features, a Quad DAC feature that provides distortion-free sound, and a hardworking camera, offers consumers a better user experience all around.

LG has always striven to provide products that makes the daily grind easier for its consumers. In the LG G7 ThinQ, this principle is reflected in the Hotkey, a button on the side of the phone that activates Google Assistant with one tap. Holding down the button will allow for instant conversations with Google Assistant, and will allow the user to search the internet, open applications and remotely use the phone on voice command (LG has worked with Google to come up 32 new Google Assistant commands). The G7ThinQ also sports Super Far Field Voice Recognition, which allows it to hear commands for Google Assistant up to five meters away.


- Capture the perfect shot with a camera so clever it knows exactly what you're shooting! The new AI Cam has 19 menus to choose from!

- Get the best out of every moment with a camera that is so smart that it recognizes low light and automatically adjusts brightness.

- Take beautiful shots or self portraits fast easy.

- Capture life's breathtaking views with 16MP rear cameras. The wide-angled lens allows you to capture photos and videos with a wider perspective - for more friends or more inclusive scenic shots.

- It uses its inner space as a resonance chamber to amp up the bass and deliver a premium, loud, and room-filling audio experience.

- Great great sound and crisp playback with the built in 32bit Quad DAC.

- 7.1 channel surround sound delivers cinematic audio on the go and brings new sense of realism to your listening experience.

- Your world just got a whole lot brighter. The G7 ThinQ packs additional white pixels into the scree for stunning picture clarity and brightness - while maximizing battery efficiency.

- The large 6'1" display fits in your hand, giving you a big screen experience without the inconvinience of a big phone.

- It puts more screen in your phone for all your browsing, viewing, and gaming needs.

- The QHD+ resolution provides superior picture quality for a more authentic viewing experience.

- Change FullVision settings to a more familiar screen shape with one continuous, smooth edge at the top of the display.

- Built to be dependable wven when the going gets rough.
- Sealed against dust and water resistant up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.

- It means your AI assistant is always there to help and will respond with real-time support from anywhere in the room.

- Use to learn more about the world around you.

- Launch google assistant in one click. Press & hold and skip the voice command "Okay google" Double click to access google lens.

Superior sound is also another G7 ThinQ boast. The flagship smartphone has a Boombox Speaker that, as demonstrated in the launch, increases the base sound level by more than 6dB with twice the amount of bass. Translated in layman terms, the LG G7 ThinQ packs more than 10 times the loudness than that of a typical smartphone. 

“LG is pleased to introduce you to a smartphone that will take you beyond the limits of your imagination, and bring you closer to the things that matter in your life,” remarked Mr. Paul Jeon, LG Philippines’ VP for Mobile Communications. “The LG G7 ThinQ reflects a new era in smartphone design, the beginning of new AI-powered services and the gateway to a new way of thinking.” 


CASCADES | Lifestyle Park

As a foodie I get the chance to try out a lot of food, different restaus, cuisines and what not. Ever since food parks or lifestyle parks sprouted almost everywhere I don't want to miss an opportunity of experiencing and exploring what they offer. Here is one of the many food parks I've been to I can say every Tita will love this place!

Cascades Lifestyle Park is one of the lifestyle parks Fruitas Holdings own and all of them have different themes. Their theme is somewhat like Greece where everything is white with a hint of blue. I know some of you may ask what if it rains? Especially right now where typhoons mostly occur, well while we were there it did rain HARD and there were a few umbrellas opened. It was a bit of a hassle when that occurs but they will fix the problem and install umbrellas to cover the entire place.

The ambiance in the area is very cool and peaceful, perfect for Titas. The sounds are not that loud and a few people are there so you can enjoy bonding and talking with your friends.

The area is not as big as compared to Le Village (which is another one of their lifestyle parks) but here there is a bit of intimacy since there are not a lot of people. Also with their parking there are a few slots in front, but you can park at the side streets if it's full. Now let us check out what food they have here!

There are 10 stalls here in which you can find almost everything you'd like to eat! From lechon to noodles, beers and wine, chicken to steak they have it!

Is your mouth not watering yet??? Well we have here from Heat Stroke Grill their All-In Platter with 2 Pork Belly Inasal + 2 HSG Chicken + Full Rack of Ribs + Rice that's good for 5-6 people for 1000 pesos! You also get some corn and 3 dips. I personally liked the grilled chicken than the ribs.

From Munifico we have their 3 cheese pizza consisting of mozzarella, cheddar and grana padano for 295 pesos! They cook it in a brick oven so you can feel a little more italian than the other pizza houses.

One of my favorite hand-pulled noodle house! They give one of the most authentic tasting noodles in a budget! We have here their Old Beijing Braised Beef Noodles for 145 pesos! They also have a wide range now with their rice toppings.

La Steak Huose is all about best-value, flavorful and char-grilled meats. We have here their T-Bone Steak good for sharing for 500 pesos! You also get a siding of mashed potatoes, corn and carrots and rice. Their steak is tender and I liked their seasoning!

Chickenini serves 4pcs of chicken with spiced vinegar. Personally I did not like their chicken that much since there is nothing special with it. Although it's for 65 pesos only and it's well cooked and I think I should try their other flavors as well, maybe they can redeem themselves.

Unlimited Korean Bbq is the thing now! I, myself, am guilty because we do indulge in this a lot of times already! So if you're thinking why samgyupsal king? what's special about them than others? Well the also have unli chicken added to the pork and beef for a lower price! For 350 pesos you can avail their unlimited Korean BBQ pork + chicken and 399 for pork + chicken + beef! Plus if you don't like the long lines from other restaus you can GO HERE! This place is really underrated and they deserve the credit.

If your feeling fancy well they have a wine bar here! Their cheapest bottle is for 390 pesos and it also tastes good! You can also enjoy them with a side of cheese.

I'm always glad with Fruitas Holdings because Sabroso is their new addition to the family! This scrumptious lechon is 1 kilo for 990 pesos good for 10-12 people! They also have lechon meal for 145 pesos.

The Pub is the only place you can order drinks, but I don't have a problem with that since they serve all (i think) fruitas drinks here like Johnny Lemon, Juice avenue etc.

For the dessert you won't go wrong with Halo-Halo from House of Desserts!

Food - I think it's a win, since they offer food they are sure we'd love.
Price - It's not expensive, it doesn't mean it's a park that it should be cheaper. They have the same pricing as other restaurants or food stalls.
Serving - Not bad!
Ambiance - A peaceful atmosphere!

Parking - As I've said there are a few parking slots in front.

Cascades Lifestyle Park
234 Tomas Morato Avenue QC

Operating Hours
Mon - Sun 4pm to 1am

Facebook: @cascadeslifestyle
Instagram: @cascadeslifestyle

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥