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When Filipinos hear the word UNLIMITED, there's no question that we will all try that! May it be meat, pasta, pizza, dessert or SEAFOOD. I have tried unlimited crabs before and I was glad to find a new place I can dig my fingers into. Templo is known for their Szechuan dishes, and now they ventured into unlimited crabs, shrimp and meat. If you're wondering where this place is located, you can find them at 55 Dapitan St. Barangay Lourdes Quezon City.

I didn't expect anything when I went here, but with the first impression, it's a quaint Chinese restaurant where you can see small pieces that reminds you of temples and Chinese tradition. Upon entering you will get that whiff of crab smell but nothing fishy. The place is a little small and can house up to 30 people.

For the Menu, they serve crabs, shrimp, and meat as of now. Either Ala Carte or Unlimited.

499 - unlimited meat
599 - unlimited shrimp and meat
699 - unlimited crab, shrimp, and meat
kiddie rate - 50% off 4 years old and below

- No Sharing
- Inclusive of Tax
- Leftover fee: 650 pesos
- No service charge

The unlimited dishes also come with a side of crab rice.


Let's take a look at their sauces. For the crabs, they have Soy Garlic Crab, Salted Egg Crab, and Steamed Crab. 

The shrimp has 3 sauces, soy garlic shrimp, sweet and chili shrimp, and salted egg tempura.

For the meat, they have Szechuan sliced pork, Szechuan pork intestine, and Szechuan duck breast.


I was surprised to see how large the crabs were when they served it to us! They were juicy and every bite was just how I thought it would be. The meat is also big and tasty. For the sauce, soy garlic sauce was my favorite since it has a looot of garlic and you can really taste it. When we opened the crabs we were wondering where the aligue went because every single crab doesn't have one, and maybe they added it to the crab rice.

The salted egg crab has a thin layer of salted egg batter on the outer layer and it's also one of my favorite. I was thinking since Templo is known for Szechuan, they should also have a Szechuan crab and that would be fantastic!

For the shrimp, of course, I loved the soy garlic shrimp!!! However, I was not a fan of the sweet chili. 

Now when they say Szechuan we all think how spicy that would be, but here you can tell them the level of spiciness you want. Our Szechuan pork intestine has the right amount of spiciness and we love the little crunch it has! It's not malansa and is cooked well. If you didn't taste the spiciness, it's at the end and it lingers.

For the salted egg tempura, the first bite was heavenly! It's malinamnam and the batter is not thick and the shrimp has the same size as the sweet chili and soy garlic one. However, if you already ate about 3 pieces you'll taste the saltiness of it and need a lot of water. 

I love their Szechuan sliced pork, it's tasty and the meat is tender.

I recommend this place since the crabs are big and of quality. They also make sure to serve small sizes so you won't be getting leftovers. You can also make reservations to make sure you have a slot since the place can get packed fast. The only downside here is they have no time limit, I know that's an advantage for us and we can get our money's worth for sure. However, I witnessed customers turned away since the place is still packed and the entire time we were there no new customers got in. I mean you can stay there from 12nn until closing time! I just hope they change that to cater to more people. Aside from that this place is a winner.

Food - Everything tasted good, however I'd recommend for them to have Szechuan shrimp and crabs and lessen that saltiness from the tempura
Price - Winner! I mean for 699 there's no time limit!
Serving - They serve the right amount so there will be no leftovers
Ambiance - It's quaint and makes you feel like you're in a chinese temple.
Parking - The place has VERY limited parking space, you can take a grab instead so parking won't be a hassle.

55 Dapitan St. Barangay Lourdes Quezon City

Operating Hours:
Open daily from 11am to 10pm

0926 062 6228

Facebook: @temploph
Instagram: @temploph

LG Celebrates History with Tomorrow’s AI Technology

July 22, Intramuros, Manila - History was made yet again as the Intramuros Administration (IA), the government agency tasked for the orderly restoration, management, development, and promotion of Intramuros as a national heritage, celebrated its 40th Anniversary in the recently opened Museo de Intramuros.

To celebrate the momentous occasion together with IA, LG Philippines made their presence felt as they simultaneously unveiled their newest line of state of the art OLED TVs, putting side by side our rich and colorful history together with tomorrow’s technology. LG PH Managing Director Inkwun Heo led the festivities as he formally handed over six (6) units of the LG TVs to the museum. Mr. Heo went on to say “This 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the Philippines and the Republic of Korea. Throughout the seven (7) decades of friendship between the 2 nations, we’ve been championing the importance of culture. We at LG Philippines remain committed in doing our part to preserve and showcase Philippine history. We hope that through the integration of our industry leading OLED TV technology with riveting historically significant content, we are able to communicate to audiences, both old and new, the importance of Intramuros and Philippine history as a whole”.

Present during the event was Atty. Guiller Asido, Administrator of the Intramuros Administration, who was ecstatic about the educational possibilities of the TV donations. Referring to the event’s official hashtag #TheTVThatUnderstandsYou, he quips “I would like to rephrase our hashtag, this is not just the TV that understands you — it is the TV that understands the history and culture of the Filipino people.”
Also unveiled during the program was another gift of LG to IA: a special AVP made by TBA Studios, the creative geniuses behind local hit movies Heneral Luna and GOYO. The video which featured Museo De Intramuros was directed by JP Habac with cinematography by Pong Ignacio. Habac and Ignacio were awe-struck with how vivid the color rendition of the LG OLED TVs was. “Every bit of detail is seen the way it’s supposed to be seen. The dynamic range is really something to behold”, says Habac. LG commissioned the video featuring the Department of Tourism Sec. Bernadette Romulo-Puyat and museum curator Dino Santos to showcase the enchanting beauty of Intramuros through its crystal-clear OLED displays. You can watch TBA Studios’ masterful take on the Walled City here:

LG’s newest line of TVs is powered by never before seen cutting-edge technology. With Deep Learning technology now embedded in their new α9 Gen2 & α7 Gen2 processors) – the TV, through intuitive recognition, can understand how to optimize and enhance the picture and sound for any content. The AI feeds on data and adapts accordingly, giving you the most optimal viewing experience possible. With the Deep Learning technology, the LG TV can understand how to display best picture quality from any source and resolution.
LG’s AI doesn’t just stop at picture quality. You can also talk to your TV. When you press the microphone button on your remote, LG’s ThinQ AI listens to your commands and executes them, even those based on an earlier “conversation”. From simple TV controls, weather questions, or you can create follow-up questions based on your initial command and the ThinQ AI will still carry-on the conversation. James Deakin, LG’s Brand Ambassador, gamely demonstrated the AI capabilities of the TV onstage, as he issued commands and questions one after the other. “This is as smart as smart TVs can get. LG is ahead of the game in pushing the boundaries of innovation and technology”.
If that wasn’t enough, LG’s flagship OLED TVs also have LG’s award-winning OLED Panel Technology that works seamlessly with Deep Learning Technology. Sound quality is boosted by an intelligent algorithm that can up-mix two-channel audio to deliver convincing virtual 5.1 surround sound. Deep learning significantly improves output by analyzing source content to produce enhanced sound effects in movies, deeper bass in music and clearer voices in sporting events. Users can adjust the sound to suit viewing conditions or let the TV set the best sound levels based on the environment.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) is made possible with the help of Dolby Atmos for incredibly realistic sound as the TV intelligently fine-tunes content compatible with Dolby Vision. The TV supports HDMI 2.1, allowing viewers the opportunity to enjoy 4K content at a blazing fast 60 frames per second. The TV also supports automatic low latency mode (ALLM), variable refresh rate (VRR), and enhanced audio return channel (eARC).

With the release of their flagship OLED TV, LG takes another step ahead in their vision of a truly interconnected smart home. As the Internet of Things grow day by day, LG has answered the call to provide personalized, proactive, efficient, and easy solutions, while seamlessly incorporating integrated multifunctional technology into your life. Powered by the ThinQ Artificial Intelligence technology, these innovations work together in sync and in perfect harmony, adapting to your needs every step of the way.

*photos not mine

Sibullyee Unli Korean Bbq | #myoneandUNLI

Korean Bbq is what everyone talks about right now, may it be a place you dine after a hard days work, birthday celebration, family or friends get together or even a casual dining place to fix that Korean bbq craving. We all have those places we always go to, however there's always something in us where we want to try a new place when something new opens and sometimes discover something better. I am one of those people who dines at a specific Korean bbq joint, however when Sibullyee was introduced to me, I may never look back.

Sibyullee was first introduced at Ayala Malls the 30th and has rebranded as an Unli Korean Bbq place. They finally opened another branch at Promenade Greenhills, which I'm glad is closer to our place. I already heard great reviews about this place. Their fresh, modern rustic color scheme makes you feel light, clean and happy when you dine, plus it's very different from the dark, smokey korean bbq we're all used to.

I know, your starting to get intimidated and think this place must be expensive! Don't fret because Sibyullee's prices are very competitive plus their meats are GREAT QUALITY, I assure you. Before I mention the prices, let me tell you about their meats, they have 12 types of meat and 2 of them are already cooked! Here are the choices:
- Samgyupsal
- Soy Garlic Samgyupsal
- Spicy Pork Bulgogi
- Sweet & Spicy Pork Bulgogi
- Chilli Bean Samgyupsal
- Woo Samgyup
- Yangnyeom Woo Samgyup
- Marinated Bulgogi
- Salt and Pepper Chicken
- Spicy Chicken
- Soy Garlic Korean Fried Chicken
- Spicy Korean Fried Chicken

Ok so for the price I was a bit stunned since I was always thinking this place could be a little more expensive, but here's the price:
- Lunch 11am to 4pm - 499 per head
- Dinner 4:01pm to closing 549 per head
- Weekend and Holidays 549 per head

Not bad right?! Given you can try all their quality meat and unli side dishes! Plus they have smokeless grill here so you won't smell like smoke :D

Their side dishes may not be a lot, like others, but you have the important ones here, the Kimchi, radish, steamed egg, sweet potato, dips, veggies and vegetable omelette. I recommend you also try their Haemul Pajeon (Seafood pancake) it's tasty and I love how the dip compliments it.

They also give complimentary dessert after your meal! Also they provide a spray for your clothes after your meal so you won't smell so much when you go out.

I highly recommend Sibyullee, not just because of the quality of food but also the place and service of the crew. Hindi ka pa humihingi ng tubig bibigyan ka na nila. We went back after our invite and we were treated the same way, so kudos to the crew!

Food - QUALITY. I'm a fan of non marinated meat, but here I liked their marinated ones especially the marinated bulgogi and teriyaki chicken
Price - Very competitive, with it's quality and service it's not expensive
Serving - It's unli!!!
Ambiance - I LOVE THE INTERIORS, it's fresh and light plus hindi mausok

Comfort | Keeping Your Clothes New for Longer

We all know how important our clothes are and as much as possible we always want them to look fresh and new. Especially as a blogger during events we always want to look presentable and show our best foot forward. I remember repeating my favorite clothing pieces various times, may it be my favorite shirt, pants, dress or skirts, but of course wearing it all the time means washing them frequently hence aging the fabric. At times you will see yellow in some areas, bobbling (himulmol) or loosing it's shape. I know it's important to really invest in good clothing to keep the quality better for long, but a great key for keeping them looking new is also your detergent.

With new Comfort Care Detergent , you can keep your clothes new for longer. With it's unique innovative formulation, the new Comfort  Care Detergent addresses the five signs of clothes aging.



Rajo Laurel, Daryl Chang and Apples Aberin enlightened us with how they confidently wear and style their favorite pieces over and over.

During the event, interactive booths were setup for us to see how the new Comfort Care Detergent fights the five signs of clothes aging. We were also given a magnifier compatible with our phone cameras to see how fabric washed with Comfort differs from other brands.

The Comfort range is powered by two of the most superior technologies ever seen in the category.

Advanced Anti-Aging Technology
- in Comfort Fabric Solution products (fabric cleaning) prevents clothes from aging by caringfor every fiber in clothing, it also prevents the signs of wear out: pilling/bobbling. In addition, it prevents ash residue that gets deposited into the fabric, which affects color vibrancy.

Advanced Triple Care Technology
- in Comfort Fabric Sensation products (fabric conditioning) enhances the beauty of clothes, protecting them from color fading, fiber pilling, and shape loss, ensuring smoother and softer-feel clothes.

When used together, Comfort's Fabric cleaning products prevent clothes aging, while Comfort Fabric's conditioning products maintain or bring clothes close to their original state.

Comfort is available in powder detergent, liquid detergent, fabric conditioner, detergent capsules and dry wash spray, and in two variants: Glamour Care and Casual Care.

Shaburi and Kintan Buffet | Enjoying Japanese Comfort Food

When we say Japanese food, sushi or ramen is the first thing that comes to mind and a lot of restaurants already offer them. Now a new restaurant has recently opened their doors for us to experience a different kind of Japanese comfort food, Shaburi and Kintan Buffet. Located at Top of the Glo in Glorietta 2 which is situated at Japan Town, Shaburi and Kintan Buffet was brought to the PH by the founder of the number one yakiniku restaurant in the world.

The restaurant offers two types of ways to dine, Shaburi which is Shabu-Shabu and Kintan which is Japanese Barbecue. Now what do you think I picked? :D But before that let me show to you what you will see inside.

Upon entering, the buffet bar is situated at the center where everyone can easily have access. Whether you pick Shaburi or Kintan the buffet table is open for everyone.

The drinks bar is also open and accessible for everyone, they have sodas, iced tea, hot tea and even an ice cream machine!

The buffet table consists of a salad bar, mushrooms, rice, vegetables, seafood, gyoza, kimchi, and dessert, they also have carbonara udon!

The restaurant is divided into two sides, on the left the Shaburi side and on the right the Kintan side. Of course I picked the Kintan side! But before that let's have a look at their Shaburi.

What I like most is that every diner has their own pot and choose their choice of soup so you get to fully enjoy the experience. They have a variety of meal set you can choose from that's good for 90 minutes. When I heard about the 90 minute rule I instantly thought they really want you to eat continually and try out everything as fast as you can. They currently have 6 types of meat you can choose from, chicken, pork and beef.

The Shaburi station interiors really caught my eye, it looks modern, rustic with a hint of japanese. The colors are refreshing, it matches with the thought of Shaburi.

How to Order:
1. Choose your 90 min buffet course
2. Choose your soup
- single pot or twin
- Original Konbu, Sukiyaki, Beef Pepper, Chicken Collagen Paitan, Hot Miso
3. Choose your meat
4. Enjoy!

Weekday Lunch
Regular Shabu: Adult 599, Child 350
- Tasty Beef, Low Fat Pork, Tender Chicken

Special Shabu: Adult 799, Child 350
- Special Beef, Tasty Beef, Low Fat Pork, Tender Chicken

Shaburi Wagyu: Adult 1249, Child 750
- Shaburi Wagyu, Special Beef, Tasty Beef, Low Fat Pork, Tender Chicken

Shaburi Wagyu: Adult 1599, Child 750
- Special Wagyu, Shaburi Wagyu, Special Beef, Tasty Beef, Low Fat Pork, Tender Chicken

Dinner and All day Weekend
Regular Shabu: Adult 699, Child 375
Special Shabu: Adult 899, Child 375
Shaburi Wagyu: Adult 1349, Child 790
Shaburi Wagyu: Adult 1699, Child 790

Now the Kintan area is modern with a touch of wood which I really like, the interiors are well thought and put together. For the meat in all they have 18 types of meat you can choose from depending on the course you choose, some have varieties of marination also. Of course just like any buffet, there's no take out and they will charge 190 pesos for food waste and if you will extend. Same goes for Shaburi. Oh and their grills are smokeless!

How to Order:
1. Choose a course
2. Choose your rice
- Kintan Rice or Steam Rice
3. Choose your meat
- 2 plates/pax for 1st order
- to be served by the service staff
4. Enjoy!

2 Plates Set (60 minutes)
- Regular plate: 419
- Kintan plate: 469
- Premium Kintan plate: 555
- Special Wagyu plate: 895

Weekday Lunch (90 minutes)
Regular  Buffet: Adult 649, Child 355
- Chicken Steak, Pork Belly, Pork Sausage, Tasty Karubi, Rosu

Kintan Buffet: Adult 849, Child 355
- Chicken Steak, Pork Shoulder, Pork Belly, Pork Sausage, Tasty Karubi, Rosu, Dice Tender, Kintan Karubi, Gyu Tongue

Premium Kintan Buffet: Adult 1449, Child 800
- Chicken Steak, Pork Shoulder, Pork Belly, Pork Sausage, Tasty Karubi, Rosu, Dice Tender, Kintan Karubi, Gyu Tongue, Nakaochi, Harami, Shimofuri

Special Wagyu Buffet: Adult 1899, Child 800
- Chicken Steak, Pork Shoulder, Pork Belly, Pork Sausage, Tasty Karubi, Rosu, Dice Tender, Kintan Karubi, Gyu Tongue, Nakaochi, Harami, Shimofuri, Tongue Steak, Wagyu Karubi, Wagyu Steak

Dinner and All day Weekend
Regular  Buffet: Adult 749, Child 410
Kintan Buffet: Adult 949, Child 410
Premium Kintan Buffet: Adult 1549, Child 850
Special Wagyu Buffet: Adult 1999, Child 850

*dipping sauce: negi minchi, garlic butter, cheese curry

As much as we'd like to tryout their Special Wagyu Buffet they only had the Kintan Buffet at that time, nonetheless EVERYTHING WAS GREAT!!!I was not expecting anything really before dining here but they've completely blown me away. I must say this whole dining experience is something one must try. It's the kind of place where whatever course or meat you order is a winner. The marination, cuts and tenderness is perfection. The service is also great since there's a lot of staff who can tend to your needs. I can proudly say that I recommend Shaburi and Kintan Buffet.

*MUST TRY meat: dice tender, pork sausage, pork belly, tasty karubi, kintan karubi, wagyu

Mr. Hubert Young, President, Universalalliance Dining Concepts Inc.; Mr. Tomoyoshi Nishiyama, Chairman, Dining Innovation Ltd; Mr. Eiji Kamada, Chief Executive Officer, Dining Innovation Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd; and Mr. Shinichiro Matsufuji, Chief Operating Officer, Dining Innovation Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd.

Mr. Masahide Araki, Managing Director, Universalalliance Dining Concepts Inc.; Mr. Luis Manuel Banson, Director of Universalalliance Dining Concepts Inc.; Atty. Severino Sumulong, Director of Universalalliance Dining Concepts Inc.; Mr. Hubert Young, President, Universalalliance Dining Concepts Inc

Left: Mr. Tomoyoshi Nishiyama, Chairman, Dining Innovation Ltd
Right: Mr. Hubert Young, President, Universalalliance Dining Concepts Inc

Food - Perfection, everything is well marinated and tasted good even if it's just salt and pepper.
Price - It is a bit steep (for me, a kuripot person) but given the quality of meat (imported from the US), included buffet table and location it's ok. It's not like you'll be eating here everyday.
Ambiance - Modern, high class but welcoming.

I invite everyone to try Shaburi and Kintan Buffet because it's really worth it here.

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