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The Smokeyard | Bringing American Taste Home


Inihaw food has been a staple to us Filipinos, and most of the time it's what we eat during drinking sessions, family outings and what not. Recently I have been introduced to "smoking" food and it interested us big time, and so we're on the look for restaurants who smoke meat. Luckily we found this spot at Poblacion Makati, The Smokeyard. A place where bbq lovers should visit!

Troy came back to Manila with all his knowledge and skills as a Professional Pitmaster and opened his own spot at Makati. From imported ingredients, well thought recipes and spices, this place will open up a new taste that's exciting to experience.

Interiors are also a sight to see with industrial elements, steel piped chairs and lights and an ambiance that will prepare you for a superb meal! Oh and if you guys are a basketball fan, then you're going to enjoy this place more with wide screens that show NBA plays.

Could not resist taking a photo of this!

LEMONADE (P160-P180)
One of the best Lemonades I've tasted! They put a small part of the lemon to the drink so it will not just taste sour but has an extra "umph" to it. It is not extremely sour but has the PERFECT taste for a lemonade.

Just like the name sweet tea, the exact taste. It's a tad sweet for me, but hey we all have different taste buds! It's still a good drink :)

On to the smoked meat! You can choose in solo plates or pick your meat, so you can have a taste of everything. They have three solo plates at the moment with specific meats and sides you can choose, or go crazy and try everything haha.

Smoked meat is a bit different from Inihaw, since it's slow cooking to get all the spices to meat. All the meats we got are delicious! It's like we were transported to America with every bite! The Spareribs are a bit different than the ones we have here, the meat does not easily fall off the bone. The goal is when we take a bite, it will have a bite mark to it, the proper way of smoking as per the teaching Troy knows.

The brisket is the first one you have to eat, since it easily dries up (that really happens). I love the taste, however ours got dry because we took photos of everything first before eating haha.

TRIVIA: They cook the brisket for 14 hours! 

DIRTY RICE (6oz P50, 8oz P70)
One of the best sides! We all love to partner rice with everything haha!

SMOKED BEANS (6oz P60, 8oz p80)
If you really want to have the whole package of an authentic American taste, then Smoked Beans should be your side dish. I swear it was like I was transported to America! There's a bit of spice to it which is perfect.

MAC + 4 CHEESES (6oz P140, 8oz P160)
As a cheese lover, you should not miss this. It tastes soooo good! It can stand alone too even without the meat.

The first time I tried pairing meat with bread. It's perfect with the Brisktet! The corn bread is not cooked in the traditional way since it's really far from Filipino taste. So to get us like this side, they made it according to what will pass with our palate.

When you're done with all the meat fest, there's always room for dessert. The banana pudding is not too sweet but just the perfect taste and size.

Smokeyard is definitely worth the visit! They do of course offer alcoholic drinks, perfectly paired with smoked meats.

Food - It's still a new taste we can consider. If ever you order the brisket, eat it right away so it will not dry up.
Price - Slightly pricey but very reasonable, due to imported ingredients and how long they put effort in cooking it. It's nice to treat yourself every once in a while.
Serving - The serving goes with the pricing. I can't say it's generous or a bit small. It was ok for me.
Parking - They have a parking space for their customers, not in front of the restaurant but walking distance.
Ambiance - It was great! I love the interiors, it was only a tad dark. Maybe if they add more lights then it's perfect.

The Smokeyard
5666 Don Pedro Street Makati

Operating Hours:
Tue - Sun 12pm to 12am

Instagram: @smokeyard
Contact: (02) 771 1288

Lots of love

Jollibee Salted Caramel Choco Sundae | Sweet Fusion

Jollibee continues to level up their dessert game as they introduce a new addition to their Sundae selection, the Salted Caramel Choco Sundae. The Salted Caramel craze has been going on for a time and as we all know it is an artisan dessert which is pricey, but Jollibee made it at an affordable price! You can finally indulge in Jollibee’s signature creamy vanilla ice cream smothered in decadent salted caramel and drizzled with luscious chocolate syrup for only 29 pesos! Or add 20 pesos to any of your value meals for a mini-serving of this delightful treat.

 “Over the past months, the team has been working on something that brings together two sweet and delectable flavors to elevate your Jollibee Sundae experience,” says Jollibee Philippines’ Assistant Brand Manager for Complementary Products Shaun Si.

Jollibee caught the perfect taste with the new Salted Caramel Choco Sundae! It has the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness our sweet tooth are looking for. I'm actually craving for it now haha.

Our favorite Langhap Sarap fast-food chain are always on the look out for innovations that we, Filipinos, look out for and tingles our palate. What will be their next addition to the menu? We'll soon find out! Try out the new Salted Caramel Choco Sundae and let us know what you think about it on the comments below :)

Don't forget to use #JollibeeCaramelChocoSundae when you post on instagram and facebook!

Lots of love


Papa Beer | Your Pulutan Station

Filipinos have evolved in many ways during the years, may it be from socializing to meeting friends, eating out with barkadas and others more; But one thing that sticked through the years is what we call Inuman (drinking with friends). In any parties or get together you can never take out inuman to anyone. We know a lot of us loves to drink and have a great time but it will never be complete without pulutan (appetizer taken with alcohol). Some people prefer to drink with friends infront of their houses or at bars but now you can take your pulutan game at Papa Beer.

3 years in the making, Papa Beer opened their first station at Grub Hub where you can enjoy pulutan favorites served by the owners. Papa Beer was planned during, of course, in a drinking session with friends where they talked about their favorite appetizers they wanted to serve. I also wondered why the name Papa Beer since there were no beer options on their menu, instead it’s because majority of their food are beer battered! Plus, Papa Beer meaning Partner Pang Beer, see how witty they are :)

Some of their beer battered food are the Xxl pork steak, Crispy greens(kangkong) and chicken poppers.

Salads are no problem for Papa Beer since they also cater to our vegan friends. But if you just prefer salads then these ones are really good! What I liked about them are the seaweed strips haha, presentation is beautiful all the more with vibrant colors from veggies.

Among the two salads this is my pick! I love how they mixed the veggies and fruits together plus the thousand island dressing, magnifico! Salads are way healthier as pulutan but still no one beats the traditional ones :)

Speaking of beer battered, the XXL Pork Steak is one of them. Don’t fret since they won’t get you drunk but it gives a little kick to the batter, meat and batter proportion is balanced so value for money is great. There are three flavors, original, buffalo and bbq. Served to us was the buffalo flavor sided with fries tho I would recommend they switch to thick cut fries which looks more presentable. Sadly, they don’t serve rice, food park policy, but you can buy rice at the next stall.

One of the ultimate pulutan is Calamares, tender squids covered in special batter with mayo garlic sauce. Usually we dip calamares to vinegar but here they share to customers their take on calamares. The batter proportion is also great so no worries about that. Serving is good for barkadas tho if you’re a big group better order two because these babies will be fast gone because they are soooo good!

CRISPY GREENS (P65 single) ONIONS RINGS (P85 single)
I love their crispy greens (kangkong) and the leaves are generous in size! The one we have is a “bucket” type where it is very good for sharing the two appetizers. You can still order them separately for single or a bucket type as well. By the way the crispy greens are also beer battered, maybe that’s why I liked them more haha. The crispiness to it stays unlike others where it’s bathing in oil. The onion rings are also generous in size and very very tasty.

One of the most sold out item is their krablets, and now I know why. You can eat the whole thing without having a problem of shelling them! This is the best pulutan you can order! And oh their meat are all fresh, the owners buy it themselves at the market every other day so they are all safe to eat.

Papa Beer is the best place to pick if you’re looking for reasonable price of good serving food for your pulutan.

Food – Taste and amount served is great, although again they could switch to thick cut fries for the XXL Pork Steak.
Price – Reasonable for the price, since barkadas will share paying for it.
Serving – I can’t say it’s generous but what you get for the price is good enough and the taste is also good! So it’s a win win.
Parking – They are found at Grub Hub Food Park so no problem with parking, tho they can be full during weekends.
Ambiance – You can choose between hippieyard, junkyark and greenyard, but for Papa Beer we recommend staying at the hippieyard :)

Grub Hub - 47 Visayas Ave. Quezon City Quezon City 1101

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sun 11am to 11pm

Instagram: @papabeerph
Contact: 0926 677 0525

Lots of love

Koragem | Japanese Collagen Review

Aging is inevitable to every being, for women wrinkles, weaker bones, unhealthy hair are some of the signs we are aging. As much as possible we want to maintain that youthful and glowing skin and feel better about ourselves. Constantly taking care of ourselves is a must, having a healthy lifestyle through exercise and proper diet is a big help but it does not fully suffice if we want that healthy skin. Taking in collagen will boost and help a lot with the healthy skin we want. But what is Collagen exactly?

Collagen is naturally produced by our human bodies and lessens when we age. It is the key building block for firm, luminous and youthful skin. It also promotes healthy hair growth and joint strength. It is one of the best products every women should have. But mind you taking in Collagen is only crucial when we are in our early 20's or 25 since that is the time where collagen levels start to decline.

One of the best Collagen products I've tried is Koragem Premium, for a month supply of collagen I tried it out and see if there are effects I can share. I know, one-month lang?! Don't fret ladies, Koragem Premium claims that you will start to see results as early as 4 weeks. So let's see what the fuss is about.

I started taking Koragem this January and ended of course this February, here is an IG photo I posted when I ended my Koragem intake. At first I was a bit skeptical upon taking them since I think the right amount of dosage for Collagen is 5000mg per day or you can go up to 10,000mg-15,000mg according to your skin needs, nonetheless I still tried the product.

Every box has 10 capsules each, you can buy them at Mercury Drug Stores in Manila. The capsules are cream color coated, sorry I don't have a photo with me. As we all know Collagen smells and tastes very fishy but this one DOES NOT. That was the first thing I noticed and I loved that it does not have that fishy taste or smell to it. Plus even if you take it and have a burp you won't taste it.

Some collagen products require 2-3 tablets for one take but here you can only take one capsule per day and it's easier to swallow as it glides down smoothly. 

I know Meiji is one of the best Collagen products out there, prices at 1390 (Japanichi) and per scoop has 5000mg. While Koragem has 500mg per box so it has 50mg per capsule, tho ingredients consists of hydroxyproline and nac which helps in absorption of collagen that's why results are amazing and fast. Pricing per box is just 299 pesos! I think the mg is still way low but to think this is affordable, plus the 2 ingredients which helps with collagen absorption it's a great product. So in all for 3 boxes only 900 pesos almost and gives great results!

While I was taking these for just 2 weeks I want to see results haha! I know too early, because I was excited to see how my skin will look. At the 3rd week going to 4th I can see some effects especially on my face, mind you I also use Olay on my face so I think that helped too. I put on makeup everyday and I started noticing how my foundation looks very well on my skin! How the finish looks, almost like glowing. Tho results are not too strong yet, you have to take it for more than a month to get maximum results, I can see some changes for me and I loved it! Feeling stronger and confident about myself is the best feeling. 

I loved it! I love the effect on my skin and how I looked glowing. About the effects on my skin and hair, I haven't noticed big changes yet so I think maybe I'll try for another month to see more results. Will I buy it again? Hell YES! But I'll try other Collagen products to see what works best for me. Still Koragem is still a great product :)


If you have any questions just put them on the comments below. If there are also products you want me to try or infos you want me to put just let me know :)

Koragem Premium Japanese Collagen

Instagram: @koragempremium
Twitter: @koragempremium
Contact: Phone: (+632) 508-7924

Lots of love

Miggy Piggy | The Best Things In Life Are Fried

They say the best things in life are fried and I agree to that, tho it may not be the best option to stay healthy haha. It's the kind of food Filipinos grown accustomed with, in any occassion you will see fried food served may it be a birthday, wedding or just a get together. Spending quality time with family or friends need good food, good thing food parks are available almost everywhere. We've found a place where we know you will enjoy, Miggy Piggy.

Here's a video we made for you guys!

Owners of Miggy Piggy started from catering to events wherein people loved their food and grew finally as a concessionaire at food parks. They have two branches as of today which is at Grub Hub and StrEat Maginhawa. Fried food is what they served since it is our comfort food and people can eat it any time of the day.

TRIVIA: They named it Miggy Piggy after one of the owners Miguel and they serve mostly pork, hence the word Piggy.

Drinks are served in a glass light bulb which looks cute and instagramable! The Iced Tea has a sweet taste to it that will make you sip more and more everytime.

The Lemonade is my favorite, it has a fresh citrusy taste to it. The best drink you can order especially on hot days! Not only will it quench your thirst but you can also take cute selfies with it.

If I can choose only three dishes from Miggy Piggy, Sloppy Fries is definitely one on the list! This thick cut fries has meat sauce on top with their own cheese sauce recipe that explodes in your mouth. I think I can finish a whole serving haha!


If you think fries are not enough then Karnegeddon is your choice. Consists of fries, honey mustard sauce, fried buns, meat sauce, fried chicken fillet with bacon! If that sounds mouthwatering then your right because this dish already has it all. The chicken and bacon gives just the right saltiness that the fries and fried bun will balance out.


Rice meals are also served for dinner time. This first dish is the Hickory Style BAEcon Belly topped with veggies and honey mustard sauce. I can say out of all the baecon rice meals this is my favorite. The sauce balances out the bacon and goes very well with the herbed rice. Serving is also good so it will surely fill your tummy. The bacon served for every rice meal is differently cooked, so this particular bacon is smoked sweet to go well with the sauce and veggies.

For the korean food lovers there, this is your dish! Oriental Style BAEcon Belly with Kimchi Salad. They do try to cater to everyone's taste and create recipes where people would enjoy the type of food they serve. The kimchi salad tho is not your usual kimchi since the cabbage is shredded but it almost has that same taste to it. The baecon here was grilled just like in a samgyupsal.

The Baecon Belly with chimichurri sauce and pickled veggies is their original one. Unlike the other baecon rice meals they made the bacon used here to be like a store bought bacon, but this is still not your ordinary bacon! All of their bacons are thick, and original. I was surprised the veggies used on top of every rice meal worked pretty good with all the recipes :)


Another dish from the rice meal is their Lechon Kawals, I tell you the meat is superb! All meat talaga, and that is what I like, although the meat has an adobo cut. Again it is topped with pickled veggies and with a side of lechon sauce.


A funny story, this is the first time they introduced this dish and they don't have a name for it yet so on the spot "finding dory" came up since it is made from dory haha cute! This is dish was made because of the lenten season wherein some people don't eat meat during that time and they still want to cater to their customers. The fish fillet is topped with teriyaki sauce which is a tad salty for me and they can still fix that, but I loved it anyways!

By far the biggest serving of nachos I've seen! And oh my can I tell you it is SO GOOD! Your regular nachos has beef and cheese but this one has veggies, their special meat sauce and cheese sauce. Tho they don't serve at streat because of competition, but you can taste this at Grub Hub.

Another new dish is the Tuna Po-Boy also for the lenten season. These tuna balls are like tuna spread rolled up to a ball that tastes like heaven. What I like about this is it's bite size and it has a spice to it. They also i corporate their special cheese sauce to anything.

Miggy Piggy is of those concessionaires I've enjoyed not just because of their food but also how they put humor into what they serve. Every dish served is made perfectly and customers will surely love and come back again.

Food - All the dishes are perfect, though they can improve with the finding dory dish. 
Price - Reasonable with the serving, actually they have a pretty generous serving of everything. You will get full with their food so no problem :)
Service - The owners were actually the ones who served the food to us, they were nice and pretty cool barkada too. 
Parking - They have a few parking spaces outside StrEat, but if slots are unavailable people can park at one side of the rode then a "boy" will be there to help you or fetch you if another driver is about to leave.
Ambiance - A cool place to hangout with friends and families, even for couples. It's not that loud since other food parks have loud music on.

Miggy Piggy
StrEat Maginhawa -- Maginhawa cor Magiting Streets UP Village
Grub Hub -- Visayas cor Congressional Avenues Quezon City, Philippines

Operating Hours:
StrEat Mon - Sun 4pm to 11pm
Grub Hub Mon - Sun 11am to 11pm

Instagram: @miggyxpiggy

Lots of love