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On its 30th anniversary, LG donates air conditioners, washers, TVs and a refrigerator to benefit Marawi soldier casualties and other injured soldiers at the Victoriano Luna Medical Center.
In the spirit of National Heroes Day, LG Electronics reaffirmed its longstanding commitment to providing assistance to the community with a donation-in-kind to the Victoriano Luna Medical Center (VLMC), a government hospital that provides sanctuary and support to injured soldiers, including those who suffered casualties in the Marawi siege. 
In a simple ceremony held on August 29 at the AFP Health Service Command, Mr. Inkwun Heo, Managing Director of LG Philippines, handed over ten (10) 1.5 HP Dual Cool Inverter Split Type Air Purifying Deluxe Airconditioners, two (2) 13kg Inverter Top Load Washing Machines, one (1) 24 cu ft Side by Side Refrigerator and ten (10) 43" Smart TVs to Col. Jeffrey Jake Gallenero, Philippine Army MNSA, Chief of Staff, AFP Health Service Command (AFPHSC). Also present were the chiefs of each operating unit and staff of the AFP Health Service Command.

The project was initiated to ease the recovery of the valiant soldiers at the Orthopedic Heroes Ward who sustained injuries in Marawi and other military efforts. Each airconditioner features an independently working Air Purification mode, assuring that the air the patients breathe is clean even when the unit is switched off, and never stale. LG airconditioners also operate at low sound levels to provide better rest and uninterrupted sleep for these wounded soldiers. Along with the Smart TVs, these airconditioning units will bring comfort to patients and their families at the wards, Officers’ Room, and Isolation and Post-recovery rooms.

Aside from the patients at the Orthopedic Heroes Ward, the hospital staff will also benefit from LG’s donation of washing machines and a refrigerator, which will be placed at the ward comfort rooms and ward pantry, respectively. The Side by Side Refrigerator has multiple cooling air vents that distribute and circulate cool air to every corner of the refrigerator, ensuring that the staff’s and patients’ food are properly cooled and remain fresh, while the 13kg Inverter Top Load Washing Machines have a Turbo Drum feature that enables the most powerful wash and the removal of the toughest hospital stains.

The airconditioners, washing machines and refrigerator are all equipped with the latest inverter technology, ensuring that the medical center enjoys bigger energy savings but with more efficient appliances. 

“LG, through its products, is committed to making an everyday difference in the lives of individuals,” says Mr. Heo. “On its 30th anniversary, LG Philippines is honored to support the injured soldiers of Marawi and the Victoriano Luna Medical Center, and we hope that our small gesture will go far in helping these soldiers on their road to recovery.” 

BGen Augustus H De Villa, Acting Commander AFP Health Service Command (AFPHSC) expressed his fervent gratitude to LG Electronics. “I, together with the staff of the AFP Health Service Command, would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to LG Philippines. This deed of donation signing is a concrete realization that our soldiers’ efforts are greatly recognized by the people they are serving. May you continue supporting our troops as they protect and secure the sovereignty of our nation.”

Earlier this year, LG donated health kits, comprised of roughly 30,000 personal care products, and 200 computer monitors to 46 public schools in Marawi. These initiatives are part of the company’s goals of promoting products and services that serve the local community. Through its CSR projects, LG will continue to serve the Filipino people by developing—and sharing—technology that cares.

Aloha Again | Amazing Aloha Yumburger

Do you remember when Jollibee released the Amazing Aloha Yumburger last year? If you didn't get the chance to try it well now is the time to indulge yourself with this irresistibly delicious yumburger!

Yesterday, August 31, Jollibee held an event to again launch the much demanded and hyped burger last year, and diners can now say 'Aloha' to the sweet, savory, pineapple-beefy and langhap-sarap flavor explosion from their favorite Aloha Amazing Yumburger. 

The Yumburger consists of fresh lettuce, crispy bacon, signature sweet and juicy pineapple ring, cheese, trademark 100% beef patty and specially blended honey mustard dressing, a well-balanced treat you can indulge over and over again.

I have not yet personally tried this amazing burger and I was surprised with the fresh and amazing flavors they've put together! I did not expect how good the pineapple will be with the 100% beef patty. Although the yumburger, I must say, is a little small but they've packed it with much flavor that it compensates with the size.

The 'Pineapple-Beefy, Langhap-Sarap' Amazing Aloha Yumburger is back in all Jollibee stores nationwide for only 85 pesos (single patty - solo) and 115 pesos (double patty - solo) starting September 3, 2018.

World's #1 Oled TV With The National Museum of National History

On its 30th anniversary, LG Philippines salutes the National Museum of the Philippines and its new National Museum of Natural History, and celebrates one of the world’s richest marine ecosystems

To further its CSR thrust of promoting education, LG Philippines, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, has made a large donation in-kind to the National Museum of the Philippines, both in acknowledgement of its valuable work and to celebrate its newly opened National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) in Rizal Park. LG is hoping to promote a more holistic and interactive experience for visitors by donating one 65-inch OLED TV (E8), one 55-inch OLED TV (C8) and one 55-inch UHD TV to the premier public museum institution in the country.  

Lg Philippines Ambassador James Deakin shared his own experience at home!

As part of the donation, LG also commissioned underwater conservationist director/photographer Noel Guevara to create a short video that showcases the richness and beauty of underwater life in the Philippines, said to be the epicenter of marine biodiversity on earth. The video, shot off Balicasag Island in Panglao, Bohol, features colorful reefs, tropical fish of all sizes and turtle residents.

“As an underwater photographer and in this case, videographer, I am one of the many visual ambassadors of the sea, whose job is to bring the ocean closer to people’s hearts,” says Guevara. “Balicasag is a beautiful, bountiful dive spot. Showcasing its vibrant marine life in glorious, colorful 4K allows a viewer to take in these sights in more detail and with better appreciation, where the only thing better left to do is to actually dive there.” 
Guevara’s video was premiered to media and special friends at the NMNH on the 77-inch LG OLED W8 TV, LG’s newest and most stunning display to date, which showed off the underwater sights of the Bohol Sea to the best advantage. Marrying best-in-class picture quality with a mind-blowing “wallpaper” design (the display measures a paper-thin 0.23 inches), the W8 represents the height of TV technology, flaunting true-to-life picture quality and cinema-quality Dolby Atmos sound. This newly launched model is also equipped with LG’s new Alpha α9 intelligent processor, which has the ability to create the clearest and most detailed pictures with realistic color and ultra-fast response times.  

Jeremy Barns, director of the National Museum of the Philippines, expressed his profound gratitude for the TVs and commissioned video, “We are very thankful to LG for their generous donation to the National Museum and for their enthusiastic support of our new National Museum of Natural History, which has broken new ground in facilitating far wider public appreciation of the natural wonders of the Philippine archipelago. These cutting-edge, beautifully designed TVs, combined with the work of this institution, will immerse our viewers and provide them with special experiences of the heritage and patrimony of the Filipino people. This video will convey more effectively than ever before the amazing marine experience that Bohol, one of so many extraordinary places in the Philippines, has to offer—short of diving Balicasag Island’s hidden depths themselves.” Barns also added that the video is a very timely complement to the opening later this year of the new National Museum in Bohol, housed at Tagbilaran’s restored and converted former provincial capitol building which was damaged in the 2013 earthquake. The museum director believes that the video should also be prominently featured in the Bohol museum in addition to the NMNH. He went on to say that the video will also feature in all the appropriate public platforms of the National Museum and be recommended to relevant key partner government agencies, including the Department of Education, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Department of Tourism, and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

"LG’s goal is to harness the power of beautiful images and modern, innovative technology to fuel and inspire the next generation,” says LG Philippines managing director Mr. Inkwun Heo. “The TVs we are donating to the National Museum can be used both as educational vessels and design inspiration. The LG OLED TVs can integrate perfectly into the interiors of the National Museum in Manila and the other educational centers in their growing network of museums within the country, while the video will give museum visitors moving glimpses of the Philippines’ natural inheritance. We at LG Philippines are very proud to be associated with this great public institution and center of education, science and culture, and all of the work that they carry out for the benefit of the Filipino people and their innumerable friends throughout the world.” 

The New Palmolive Expertique Line For That Salon-Beautiful Hair

Just this August 2 Palmolive, the country’s #1 personal care brand**, unveils a new range of hair care products created for women who aspire to take control of their life and their hair. As a person who's always on the go, colors and bleaches her hair often, a hair spa day is always needed! However, since I've been busy a lot lately I don't have the time to go to a salon and have them take care of my hair. What I can only do is to use conditioner twice a week (Don't judge! I don't want to fully dry out my hair with every shampoo use hehe) And that is it for my hair care! I feel guilty about not taking care of my hair enough and so I'm very glad of the new product Palmolive released!

The New Palmolive EXPERTIQUETM is a full hair care regimen inspired by and crafted with experts to deliver salon-beautiful hair from the comfort of one’s home. It offers a complete range of hair solutions for those struggling with dull, damaged, and frizz-prone or flyaway hair. - Emily Fong Mitchell, Marketing Director for Colgate-Palmolive Philippines

Arvind Sachdev - President and General Manager of Colgate-Palmolive Philippines

Palmolive EXPERTIQUETM welcomed its brand ambassador, the 1st Filipina winner of Asia’s Next Top Model, Maureen Wroblewitz.

The products in this new line that are infused with activated Kera-Ceramide Serum (KCS), contain technology that offers the powerful combination of Keratin and Ceramides, nourishing hair from the inside out. If you ask, what makes this line stand out from other brands? Nymia Raagas, Personal Care Consumer Innovation Center Director for Colgate-Palmolive Philippines explains, "Its formula with the two-fold efficacy of the KCS technology differentiates Palmolive EXPERTIQUETM from other hair care brands. Keratin deposits protein back into the hair for added strength, smoothness, and protection. Ceramides, on the other hand, help restore proper balance within the hair, and provide a protective barrier that shields hair from damage" 

The new Palmolive EXPERTIQUETM product line consists of three variants of shampoo and conditioner: REVITALISTE which is infused with activated KCS, Biotin and Hyaluronic for normal to dry hair to enhance hair vitality and natural movement; SMOOTHIQUE with activated KCS and Rare Oil Complex for frizzy, flyaway hair to align, tame, and add control to hair strands; and RESILIENTE, which has activated KCS and Arginine for damaged or over-treated hair to reconstruct and fortify hair against damage (what I need!)

Complementing the shampoo and conditioner to complete the regimen are three hair treatments: the Intensive Hair Mask that hydrates and helps restore strength and elasticity of dry, damaged hair; the Beautifying Hair Oil which provides intense nutrition for enhanced shine and silkiness of hair; and the Anti-Frizz Serum that protects hair against frizz and flyaways.

Palmolive EXPERTIQUETM makes it possible for Filipino women to step out of their homes with salon-beautiful on a daily basis, giving them that added boost of confidence and making them more empowered to take charge of their goals, their achievements, and their beauty. Brand endorser and top model Maureen Wroblewitz shares, “Just like the majority of women out there, I too desire to have salon-beautiful hair everyday, and not just when I’m coming from a shoot or a runway show. With Palmolive EXPERTIQUETM, I am my own hair expert. I am able to take charge of not only my beauty, but my everyday too. With Palmolive EXPERTIQUETM, I can OWN IT.”

Now I don't have to worry about may hair because now I know I can take care of it even at home!

UPDATE* I already tried the Intensive Hair Mask and I loved how soft and fragrant my hair is!

Shampoo - 130 pesos (170ml) 6 pesos (12ml)
Conditioner - 130 pesos (170ml) 6 pesos (12ml)
Intesive Hair Mask - 195 pesos (180ml)
Anti-Frizz Serum - 250 pesos (70ml)
Beautifying Hair Oil - 195 pesos (30ml)

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥

#AwesomeTogether With Kenny Roger's New Bacon Roast

Does love really win despite all odds? This is what Kenny Rogers Roasters tries to answer with a creative short film entitled “Awesome Together.” Using animation, the short film tells the story of Sosy and Bolzi, a pair of farm animals who meet and fall in love at the Roasters Farm. Their parents, however, object to the love affair, prompting the star-crossed lovers to defy traditional family expectations and embark on an epic journey for a chance at eternal togetherness.

As you can see love did win despite all odds! The man behind this awesome video is the visionary director Avid Liongoren, the man behind highly acclaimed animated live-action film Saving Sally. Sir Avid Liongoren brought to the animated world ambassador and "it couple" Solenn Huesaff and Nico Bolzico into a series we need to stay tuned for! So we'll get to see more of Sosy and Bolzi!

The animated film is meant to highlight another pair that’s awesome together: flavorful bacon and juicy roast chicken. Kenny Rogers Roasters is relaunching the Bacon Roast, which was first introduced in 2013. The Bacon Roast is a special dish that wraps Kennys famous slow-roasted chicken in decadent strips of bacon to present a delicious, crave-inducing treat that will keep you coming back for more.  Kenny’s takes pride in continuously serving bold and unique flavors that their guests crave every day. This is why they have decided to bring back the Bacon Roast, and this time, more tender and juicier than ever.

Head on to your nearest Kenny Rogers branch and taste for yourself this awesome pairing!