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Are Essential Oils Beneficial and Effective? | Essential Oils With FAVORI

Ever since I worked as a graphic designer at a company who sells essential oils I have been fascinated with them. Who knew with just inhaling or applying it to your skin would provide a lot of benefits! They say that there is a body-mind connection and what we tell our minds can affect how our bodies react. Smell does influence our behaviour and our mood and that's where these oils come in. One brand that I trust is Favori. They are not only known for their Aroma Oils, which smells AMAZING, but they also have essential oils!

They are usually applied topically or can be closely inhaled and every oil targets a specific therapeutic benefit. You can also mix the oils to create a blend for your needs.

As of now Favori has 6 versatile oils, and I was excited to know they have lavender since it's my favorite! They also have Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Roman Chamomile and Tea Tree. Now let's discuss their specific targets.

Eucalyptus - decongestant treatment
Lavender - stress relief
Lemon - mood enhancer
Peppermint - mental alertness
Roman Chamomile - keeping calm
Tea Tree - all around healing

You can mix these oils to create your own and address your specific need. Anyway I'd like to acknowledge their packaging  because it's so cute!

If you're thinking "how do I apply it topically?" Here's a quick guide on how to do it. A great way is with a roller bottle especially with lavender, lemon and peppermint oils.

1. You will need a roller bottle, favori has one, and a carrier oil to dilute the essential oil.
2. Dilute 5 drops or more in a 10ml carrier oil.
3. Conduct a patch test to know if your allergic or not.
4. Apply to affected areas.

I personally love Lavender and Peppermint and it really does help me relax and destress. Essential oils also helps you sleep soundly at night! I encourage you guys to try this although it might be a bit pricey, one drop goes a long way. Just think about the benefits and how it will help you psychological and physical, it's worth it!

My only suggestion would be is that they produce more variant :) I hope this helps and educate you with regards to essential oils.

You can visit their website for more products here.

Korean Snacks Mini Haul | Assi Fresh Plaza

Korea continually crawls up their way to our hearts, not only did they capture our attention from their K-dramas but we are also going gaga for their food! Samgyupsal restaus are starting to boom everywhere and we want to try as much of their food. That's why I'm glad there are lots of Korean groceries available for us and for the tourists. 

At Assi Fresh Plaza you can buy different varieties of Korean products that are not found at other Korean groceries. They have other products as well like shampoo, bath supplies, kitchen supplies and others but they sell more of food.

What I like about them is that they are open 24/7 and I'm sure you can find one of their stores since they 15 branches here! They have branches in Cebu and Davao. No more problem with midnight cravings because you can just buy at their store anytime.

A healthy snack for kids and adults. They have two varieties, Cream Cheese and Vanilla. Personally I like the cream cheese although it only has a subtle flavor. In other crispy rolls it's like your just eating air but here it has more bite into it.

What I like about their apples is they are not checmically fertilized. They are healthy snacks kids can enjoy. Although for me there's no difference with the taste, just regular apples.

When I saw this fruit I didn't know what it was, eventually I learned it was a pear! What I know about pears is they are not sweet and have a little flavor. However this one it made me love pears! It has a sweet and juicy flavor! Worth the buy.

If you are a person who's always on-the-go you can easily take this cup! Just put hot water and wait for 3 minutes and voila you have a hot cup. I have here the Carbonara ans Mushroom flavor. I think they alao have the vegetable and potato flavor. It's an easy breakfast!

When I tried this it has the same taste and texture as a Sotanghon. Very flavorful, but I suggest you put more water since it's a bit salty but it has a lot of rice noodles and this meal can make you full.

I love noodles! Soup or without soup I love them. Here I have Nongshim Chapagetti, however it's one of those flavors I'm not used to. It has black bean paste. I think when you continue eating this it will grow on you.

Assi Fresh Plaza checks the quality of their products and checks ths expiration dates. They also have promos as well! This December 18 they'll have a sampling event at their Laguna branch  so better check that! Here's a photo of their branch for reference.

Start shopping your fave Korean food now!

Wacoal Mood | Travel In Style

November 2018—Wacoal’s playful and youthful line, Wacoal Mood has recently introduced its new Autumn/Winter Collection with an experience feast, that centered around the theme ‘Travel’, in U.P. Town Center last weekend November 16 to 18.

Guests were treated to a fun-filled weekend starting with intimate talks and meet-and-greet with content creators Rhea Bue, Charlene Deocareza and Rei Germar who shared tips and hacks about fashion and travel—from packing intimate wear secrets and scouring for the best airline ticket deals to dressing up for any occasion and picking the right clothes depending on one’s mood.

Wacoal Mood innovates traveling in style with the chic yet comfortable Travel Bra that can be rolled and folded without being deformed, giving more space in the travel luggage of the woman-on-the-go. It comes in a wireless form, made of natural rubber and eco-friendly latex that continues to provide fitted support for traveling young women who are always looking for fun adventure and activities.

“When a woman travels in style, what she wears underneath is just as important as what the world sees outside,” Ms. Ann Christine Palisoc, president of Philippine Wacoal Corporation, said. “A great undergarment gives her a different kind of security, and enables her to enjoy whatever she wants to. And we know that travelers want more space in their luggage to take home memorabilia from their trips, so this is really a great investment for any woman who loves traveling and experiencing life to the fullest, she added.”

Apart from the launch of Wacoal’s new collection, Wacoal Mood also launched an interactive three-day exhibit that allows attendees to experience how to #DoItYourMood with various activities such as Design-Your-Mood-Jar, Tarot Card Reading, and more.  Lucky attendees who visited and experienced the booth activities like the bra-folding challenge, photobooth and boomerang booth also received several prizes and freebies from Wacoal Mood. The brand also dressed up their U.P. Town Center boutique to provide guests with a fun experience while shopping and fitting their new bra.  

Wacoal Mood’s newest collection features a wide array of colors and sizes that will surely fit one’s style and needs. Apart from it, this collection also introduces new innovations that will provide comfort and style, without compromising quality. Experience the Travel Bra Cool Innovation! Produced with punched hole pads and side panels which allows better air-circulation and quick to dry. Feel lighter and more comfortable with Wacoal's Travel Bra Cool Innovation. It is a girl's must have item.

Another hot item is Wacoal’s Travel Bra Free Cut that comes with a seamless back panel which makes it perfect for all outer wear. The Naked Bra, one of Wacoal’s latest innovations, is a new collection that highlights the luxurious and elegant styles of the intimate travel underwear. These bras don’t just give you comfort, but they’re also extremely durable. One bra could last you for more than five years!

Wacoal Mood Autumn/Winter collection is now available at the following boutiques: Robinson’s Place Manila, Venice Grand Canal McKinley in Taguig, SM Seaside City in Cebu, and U.P. Town Center in Quezon City.

For more information on Wacoal Mood, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages at @wacoalmoodph, or visit their official website at

Travel Premium Economy Class This Holiday Season | Philippine Airlines

MANILA, November 22, 2018 – With the holiday festivities come the frantic rush to celebrate in different spots in the world. And with the season of giving just around the corner, why not give in to taking it easy on your travels? How does this sound: warm smiles all around, delicious meals to savor, a dedicated crew ready to take care of every need? Get to your holiday destinations with an elevated level of comfort, a full-service experience with a touch of that signature Philippine Airlines care.

But who says premium comforts should always come at a premium cost? Try PAL’s Premium Economy Class, which comes at an affordable price for an even more exceptional flight. After all, you live a life beyond the ordinary—why shouldn’t your journeys follow suit?

Breeze through the queues. Checking in and boarding? Go right ahead, you’re a priority. Skip the lines when you check your bags in, and board ahead of everyone else. Make it easier than ever to be right on time for flights.

Make room for the things that matter. Enjoy increased baggage allowance of up to 35kg*. Bring everything you need along, and bring more things home for all your loved ones.

Bask in personal space. Rest easier in an exclusive cabin—complete with wide and more spacious Premium seats that come equipped with a relaxing 8-inch recline and built-in legrests and footrests. Stretch comfortably with legroom spanning 38 inches, perfect for easing into longer flights.

Indulge in culinary delights worth a bigger bite. Settle into your seat with a refreshing drink and a warm towel, then satisfy your cravings with delicious inflight meals. Dig in, with metal cutlery, straight into sumptuous courses crafted by world-class chefs.

Open up to a wider view of fun. Redefine the way you see inflight entertainment with a generous myPAL eSuite Player personal screen and over 300 hours worth of movies, TV shows, and music to choose from. Also, never miss a beat by staying online while onboard with myPAL Wi-Fi.

Your destinations will always be worth the visit, but the journey itself should just as well be worth your time. Go and level up ordinary vacations with an extraordinarily comfortable way to fly! Treat yourself to a slice of the better life with PAL’s Premium Economy Class—you deserve it, after all.

Book your Premium Economy trips with Philippine Airlines, available on PAL’s Airbus A350 and selected A330 aircraft on routes to and from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo (Narita and Haneda), Osaka, Melbourne, Sydney, Honolulu, Auckland, London (Heathrow), and New York (JFK).

*35kg baggage allowance for LHR flights, 30kg for HKG, BKK, SIN, MEL, SYD, AKL flights, 25kg for HND, NRT, KIX, HNL (2-pc. allowance)

One Big Hungry Holiday Feast | Yellowcab


Back-to-back celebrations are sure well on their way this holiday season, and what better way to feed the hungry crowd than with Yellow Cab’s Hungry Holiday Feast? With almost everything their menu has to offer, each order comes with an 18” 2-in-1 Pizza featuring the pizza joint’s bestsellers New York Finest and #4 Cheese, three pastas namely Yellow Cab’s signature Charlie Chan, Chicken Alfredo and Spaghetti & Meatballs, a 12pc. Chicken Box in Hot Chix, Garlic Parmesan and Salt & Pepper flavors, and two 1.5L bottles of Mountain Dew. Finish it off with Strawberry and Pistachio ice cream, the Hungry Holiday Feast really has everything—and it’s all for only PHP2,789! And that’s not all, every receipt order of the Hungry Holiday Feast is worth 5 raffle tickets for the Hungriest Holiday Raffle, so order one now to up your chances for a FREE trip to New York!

It’s go big or go home with Yellow Cab’s Hungriest Holiday Raffle where one lucky, hungry soul gets an all-expense paid trip for two to the Big Apple. All you need to do is order from Yellow Cab starting now until December 31 in order to be part in the hungriest raffle. For every single receipt worth PHP999 to PHP1,788 entitles you to one raffle ticket, two for PHP1,799 to PHP2,488, and three for purchases PHP2,499 and above. For those who don’t win the grand prize, 999 winners will get the chance to avail of a free Bronx Creamy Mushroom Pizza.

Don’t wait to get invited to a party, why not throw the party yourself with Yellow Cab’s annual Ultimate Unli Party, and this year it’s bigger than ever. On December 5, enjoy unlimited slices of Hawaiian or The Bronx Creamy Mushroom pizza and free-flowing Mountain Dew for only PHP399. The Ultimate Unli Party now also comes with one serving of regular Hot Wings and Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta or Spaghetti & Meatballs for dine-in customers. For hustlers who prefer to bring the food to where their crowd is via takeout, delivery, or curbside pickup, they can choose to avail of the 14” Hawaiian and The Bronx Creamy Mushroom pizzas for only PHP999. Generous, complete, and value for money, Yellow Cab’s Ultimate Unli Party is the most awaited event for foodies and hustlers everywhere.