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Esfolio Masks | Review

Our face has one of the most delicate part of our skin and most of the time, a lot of us ladies, forget to take proper skin care. I remember before, I was only 20 and was carefree with my skin. Usually I just wash my face and go to sleep. However as we age our skin needs more and proper attention. We need to eat healthy, hydrate more, take our beauty sleep, and of course apply face creams, serums and the like. One of the things I enjoy and love doing as part of my skin care routine are face masks! A girl can never have to much.

Recently I've stumbled upon an email from BeautyMNL about face masks, Esfolio, and I purchased some of their masks. Esfolio sells affordable skin care products that are made from natural ingredients. However I think the selling point for me was the packaging haha! Look how cute they are! Anyway I've tried them for a good month and I can say it made a difference.

- I used the masks twice a week, alternating them based on what my face needed after the whole day.
- I go on with my skin care routine, then I use a toner before applying the masks.
- What I do is I peel off the packaging and get the essence first applying it to my face and I let it air dry for a couple of seconds.
- Taking the mask, I then let it sit on my face for a good 20-30 minutes and then take it off.
- I massage my face with the essence that is left and then I go to sleep.

According to the website:
Pure Skin Egg Essence Mask Sheet is a highly concentrated essence type mask that is formulated with egg yolk extract which helps in strengthening skin resilience and also minimizes the look of pores as it purifies your skin effectively. 
This mask sheet also helps in removing deep-seated dirt, excess sebum, and skin-clogging impurities. It nourishes and soothes your skin with glycerin and allantoin extract.
It also refreshes your troubled and acne prone skin! 
Effects: Anti acne, anti aging, calming and soothing
The smell:
When you think about an egg mask, the first thing would be it won't smell good but not in this case. Tho this is my least favorite smell among the mask it doesn't smell that strong or bad. It's tolerable

The texture is very gel like and it's not sticky nor tacky. It feels more like a serum or the regular face mask.

I felt a bit of tightening with my skin since it has eggs in it. It's also perfect for dull skin, which I have.

According to the website:
This highly concentrated essence type mask is formulated with milk protein extract which is effective in cleaning and clearing the skin. Vitamins from Chaenomeles Sinensis fruit and Portulaca Oleracea also helps increase skin elasticity and Moisturization.
Effects: Moisturizing, brightening, calming and soothing
The smell:
Upon opening the packaging, I immediately knew what it smelled like, if you know the milk candy we have here, Haw-Haw, that's what it smells like! I loved it!

It has a gel like texture and is easy to apply and dry down.

I felt moisturized because of the milk ingredient here and my skin brightened a bit after use. It's also best for normal to dry skin.

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According to the website:
Green Tea Essence Mask Sheet is perfectly made for patchy and dry skin! With its highly-concentrated essence mask, it helps in keeping your skin more hydrated and refreshed after a stressful day!
It also provides protection against free radicals with the antioxidant-rich green extracts which also cleanses, clears and enhances skin elasticity.
Effects: Antioxidant, calming and soothing
The smell:
It has that subtle smell of green tea and I don't mind it.

Same with the others, clear and gel like.

Antioxidant is one of the main effects of the mask. I've used it twice and I liked the effect after. Since it's best for dry and patchy skin, I liked it.

According to the website:
Start revitalizing your skin with the brightening power of Pearl Essence!
This mask is developed to intensively even out your skin tone; conditions and nourishes your skin’s texture from deep within. Together with the hydrating effect of a quince fruit, it makes your skin generate moisture. It also purifies and energizes skin with the Panax root extract. It best used for dull and spotty skin.
The smell:
This one has the gel like smell, or what you usually smell with face masks. It's not strong but you can notice.

Same with the others, clear and gel like.

I liked this one because it evens out the skin tone and nourishes it. I think if I have to use one of the masks a lot of times, this would be it. It's good for dull and patchy skin as well.

Packaging - Super cute! I like how light and animated their designs are.
Price - Super affordable! I got 8 of my masks for less than 500 pesos!
Effect - I was glad that it made a difference after a month of use. When I put on my foundation, it glides smoothly and my skin is evened out. I can tell that my skin looked brighter and more awake. I loved the effect it made on my skin! I would love to try out more of their products!

You can check their products at their website:
Or through BeautyMNL.

Lots of love

Alyssa ♥