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INKED | P&P Tattoo

This is the first time I will be sharing a personal experience! Just note that there are some graphic content. Anyway I was super stoked when I won a giveaway contest, guess what contest is that? It was a 1k GC from P&P Tattoo! I've always wanted to get inked. I know getting a tattoo is personal and it has a story behind it (we'll get to that part). The branch I went to was in East wood and I invited my boyfriend and his sister to come with me for support haha. I'm very afraid of needles, but since there are a bunch of times I needed to get some shots I managed to overcome it (a bit).

This face makes me remember "what the hell am I thinking?! Why am I doing this!)

And so when we arrived at the tattoo parlor medyo naguluhan because my name was not on the list which was given to them. Then after some talking we got the go signal. I was thinking very hard of what tattoo I would get. I was thinking of getting it on my rib cage, fingers, the usual places. Finally I thought of putting it somewhere people can easily see it.

I was VERY NERVOUS, as in! My hands are sweaty and cold that I want to hold on to someone while the process, pero wala pinili ni Kevin picture-an nalang ako -_- so I held on to my sit tight. They say it hurts like hell, but for others it's tolerable depending if you can handle it. And so I was anticipating the pain before the needle gets into my skin.

I was a bit relieved when it was not that painful! I can totally handle it, but then again I still got nervous.

And so, this is the final tatttoo, FAITH. I know, kadiri may dugo. Anyway the story behind this is I want something to remember me and the people I encounter to have faith. I chose to position it in a way where other people will read it easily and not me. For me makita ko lang alam ko na. 

And that's it! Thank you to Chel for the giveaway and P&P tattoo for my tattoo, balik ako!(?)

Lots of love

Alyssa ♥