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Four Monkeys Bar + Kitchen

Being a student has its perks, daily allowance! I remember back in college I used to have 200 pesos per day for my food, commute fare, and other needs like photocopied papers and prints. I used to be frugal with food because my commute fare is a bit expensive, but I still try to save up so I can indulge in good food. Back then and till now, food are a bit pricey if you want to eat quality food and are really presentable. That's one struggle for me, I know for some if you want something worth it they are mostly a bit expensive. I was on the look for really good food that doesn't break the bank and I've found some and the presentation and quality is almost there, until we stumbled upon Four Monkeys Bar + Kitchen.

Owned by three year of the monkey friends, Gab, Nino, Benjamin planned this bar and kitchen for two years, looked for the perfect spot and started after Benj graduated. It's still on soft opening since they just opened last May 17.

Why the name four monkeys? The three owners represent the three monkeys and fourth is the guest! They want everyone to feel welcome and a be friends.

Located at Santander corner Dapitan is the perfect place for students to dine, relax and chill with friends. The place can fill up to 50 people, first and second floor combined. If you're planning to have a get together or any event they are welcome to accommodate you! Food will be prepared and you can also bring your own :)

Unlike other bar and kitchen, Four Monkeys has big windows that lets natural light in to create a welcoming and chill vibe. Just like every bar, tables and chairs are high plus they have available sockets for those who want to stay a bit longer and finish school work.

What this place is most proud of is the service and interaction with costumers, you won't feel left out because the owner themselves will socialize and recommend dishes.

Now to the best part! FOOD.

Salad macaroni pasta with Mornay sauce and Bacon. Let me say every kid and kid at heart loves this! Sided with cheese powder in the shape of a spoon, gah! How cute is that?! Presentation and taste is on point! You can taste quality work in every bite. I recommend taking a little of the pasta and the cheese powder and voila! I didn't notice I finished the whole plate because I enjoyed every bite.


Homemade french fries with herb infused oil, cheese sauce and bacon. Not your usual fries! What we mostly taste in other places is just salt and sometimes pepper, here they added herb oil and you can taste the potency of it and it works perfectly with the dish! If you'd had enough of the normal fries, this is a must try!


 6oz Salmon, seared to perfection with soy beurre blanc sauce and pea puree. A dish you can find at fine dining restaurants, but here it is budget friendly! The sauce is infused with beurre blanc (white butter with the reduction of vinegar and/or white wine) and is perfectly balanced by the pea puree. Oh and it's served with rice! Who would have thought you can serve a fine looking dish that doesn't break the bank?!

8" thin crust pizza with grilled barbecue chicken and pesto. When they say barbecue and pesto in the ingredients of course you're gonna find the taste of it when you bite, let me tell you IT'S THERE. One of their best sellers is this magnificent pizza that came down from heaven. Best for barkadas or if you're like me you can finish the whole thing!


 Never forget to order chicken! Made from scratch they created their own special sauce, don't worry it's not that spicy. The skin is crispy and the meat is juicy! They serve it in four big pieces, perfect for sharing.


Molton chocolate cake. First time I tried chocolate lava cake and I instantly fell in love. The vanilla ice cream compliments the molton chocolate inside. Every bite is heavenly, it has the perfect balance of sweetness. Presentation? WOW.


Four Monkeys serves comfort food from scratch, every ingredient is homemade, so you don't have to worry about msg. What I like most about this place is the affordability of every dish and quality, how it captures the taste buds of every diner. Here it's true you don't have to spend a lot for good food, budget friendly + great quality = PERFECTION!

Food - Quality is the best! Everything is homemade and recommendable. Taste is perfect for the taste buds.
Price - It doesn't break the bank. Every dish is student friendly.
Serving - With the serving amount I have no problem. They are very generous with the ingredients and some of the dishes are good for sharing.
Parking - They have two slots available in front of them.
Ambiance - Chill, relaxing, light.

1228 Santander Corner Dapitan Street Sampaloc Manila, Philippines 1015

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat 12pm to 12mn
Sunday - CLOSED

Facebook: @4monkeysph
Instagram: @4monkeysph

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥