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Gabe's Homegrown Dishes | Celebrate Pinoy Food


Being a food blogger is a great opportunity to try out different dishes and cuisine across the country. You can get to experience different cultures, meet new people, taste dishes that are unique or simply try something you've never had before. Not only does your taste buds rejoice but also your eyes because of the decors and different interiors from every restaurant. All of it is such a great experience, but at the end of the day you will still look for that dish, that comfort food, that makes your heart melt and tummy happy. I can still remember times when I enjoyed home cooked cheese sticks, other street food and dishes, but since my schedule keeps me busy I don't have the luxury of time to enjoy them at anymore. I've been looking for places where they can satisfy that craving.

Gabe's Home Grown Dishes is a place where it looks and feels like home. Tables, sofas, wall designs, and how the staff are friendly is what makes this place great. I was kinda enjoying they kept the jalousie window glass, reminded me of my home when I was younger. It also reminds me moments back in High School when we used to stay at this particular place after school hours to eat. Nostalgic! If you may not yet know why the name Gabe's Home Grown Dishes, it's because they named it after their first son.

They cater to your every need, even entertainment! They have this box full of toys and a table full of board and card games for kids and adults. Another BIG PLUS is you can give them a playlist of songs you want to listen! You can hang out the whole day with your friends and enjoy all of their amenities and services. This place is student friendly too so you can work with your groupmates.

Upon entrance you will spot this wall at the left side where they post customer reviews on post its, isn't it colorful and creative? Cute! :)

Not only is the owner a fan of sneakers but I think he's a fan of Star Wars as well since you will see a lot of memorabilia and posters hanging near the restroom. The restaurant shares a lot with the customers not just with food but also things the owner loves which I know a lot can relate too. They reach deeper to the customers than just serving food :)

Keeping a healthy diet means no soda, and this place advocates that exactly. There are only two options for drinks as of now and that is Lemonade and House Blend Iced Tea. They freshly squeeze their own lemonade, which is great for the immune system! Another is their own take for the Iced Tea, tho both tastes great I'd go for the Lemonade :)

Who here takes a bite of a cheese stick and find yourself wondering where the hell that cheese is?! Well you won't get disappointed here because let me tell you what they serve here is generous! Of course you still have that crunch and taste, but what's best is the cheese, it's there haha! For 80 pesos you can get a lot here.


KWEK-KWEK (5 PCS. P45)(10 PCS. P90)
If you're into street food don't worry because what they serve is waaaaay cleaner than what we see in the street. I'm not a big fan of kwek-kwek to be honest but this one turned me. The batter is not chewy nor unchewable but it has the right texture. They added a bit of taste to it so it's not bland like the others. Served is a side sweet sauce, but I prefer spicy vinegar, nonetheless it's still good.


For some when they hear Lengua they cringe, since most of know its meat is from a cow's tongue but fret not because the taste of creamy sauce with tender meat is heavenly! The crunchy garlic adds texture to the saucy nature of the dish. Most dishes here I remember my grandma making them and if I'm away from home and want to eat something that's memorable I'd come here. 

Never ever forget Kare Kare from everyone's table. This dish brings back memories! May it be from the province or just from your grandparent's kitchen. Of course the sauce is perfectly sided with bagoong. You can find the typical sahog of kare-kare in the dish.


I remembered my first encounter with horse meat and it was good! This dish however is a bit different since it's a tad sweet, like tocino. Nonetheless if you want something different and as what they say "for the brave at heart" this is a MUST TRY!


One of their best seller and a must try is the pancit malabon. You have every texture here! The crispiness of pig's skin, the soft skin plus shrimp! This plate is good for sharing so it's a win. Yay!

Of course we won't miss out on dessert. This is their best seller and what makes them special. So far they are the only ones who serve this dish which consists of turon, ube, monggo and langka. It's more like a fried halo halo without some of the soft ingredients. I can say that it's good and I mostly enjoyed it. Just make sure to save some area in your tummy for this one!

This place is going strong for 3 years and they are proud of the loyal customers gained. They have been true to the diners and the food they serve that's why they deserve what they have now. I'm really glad to have the chance to visit Gabe's, one of the friendliest staff I encountered :)

Food - Just like home, a great place to dine if you miss that home cooked meal if you are away from home.
Price - Student friendly and a lot of their dishes are good for sharing!
Serving - Generous with the ingredients!
Service - One of the friendliest staff I encountered.
Parking - They have a small space in front for one car I think? But someone can guide you if it's already full.
Ambiance - Does not only taste like home but also feels like one!

Gabe's Home Grown Dishes
219 Katipunan Ave, Project 4, Quezon City, 1800 Metro Manila

Operating Hours:
Sun - Sat 10am to 10pm

Facebook: @gabeshomegrowndishes
Instagram: @gabeshgd

Lots of love

Alyssa ♥