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Skin potions and myskincouture review

Soaps... Whitening peeling soaps... A lot of Filipinos rave and are crazy about these products just to achieve that glowing pinkish smooth white skin. I was very curious about these soaps and always wanted to try some of them but I wanted something that's organic and my skin will love.

At first I was doubtful at purchasing products online because we'll never know if they're legit or the products work. The good thing is that they have feedbacks from their customers and after reading a lot of them I was sure that I wanted one. Last week I purchased from skinpotions (on instagram) and myskincouture their popular soap and serum. The transaction and delivery was also fast so I was glad. Below are the products that I have and really loving.

The Barbados Cherry oil, I apply it at night before I sleep because it's an oil it does not dry up easily. However when I wake up my skin looks glowing and not dry. This product is good for the skin because ir provides Vitamin C and A that makes the skin healthy.

The Tomato Serum, by the way I really love the scent kung pwede lang inumin haha. This one I apply after I take a bath, it shrinks down pores and tightens the skin also it reduces oiliness which also makes the skin look pinkish and healthy. I use it as a primer before I put on powder or even make up.

Ultimate White Soap, used at night. This one really does the peeling work done. It just needed to stay at less than 2 minutes or it can irritate the skin. Also it does micro peeling.

10 in 1 soap from myskincouture smells reaaaaaally good. From the moment that I opened the package the scent was all over the room. I let this soap settle on my skin even above 2 minutes because it does not irritate my skin. There's a bit of micro peeling here.

So it has been a week since I've been using this products and I can at least see some improvement. I'm loving these products and I have been using them everyday. I hope after a month maybe I cacn see bigger changes on my skin :)

By the way here is a link for my new Skin Potions review: Skin Potions your best Skinfood

Lots of love
 Alyssa ❤