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An Evening Serenade


Last Valentines day we (sessionistas) had the opportunity to share our God given talents with our fellow churchmates. It was, mostly, our first time to attend this kind of event (may age requirement para makasama dito which is 20-ish something haha).

So before this night we had a one week practice for all of the songs, in all we have i think 12 songs plus a medley, tiba tiba ang musicians. We enjoyed every late night practices dahil mostly nga sa amin ay working na witwiw! Anyway, February 14 came at umulan haha pero ok lang para mas cozy :) 

Here are some photos from my phone of the event.

With the sessionistas

With my lovely sister and spiritual mother 

The gist of the whole event was preparing yourself for the future, for marriage and family. Madaming natutunan, busog sa learnings, busog sa pagkain and of course busog sa kantahan haha!

Lots of love
 Alyssa ❤