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Zalora Order


Last week I ordered from Zalora which is an online shop for clothes. It was my first time so I was psyched to blog this one. 

The transaction was really fast, I ordered 6 pm and then the package came at about 11 am the next day. I did not expect that it will arrive that fast because they said that it will take for about 5-7 days for provincial but still kudos. The package looks good. What I like about it was the plastic bag where the dress is in, it has a ziplock so you can always use it again. They have this envelope too for returns if ever you got the wrong size, color, or if you just don't like the clothes. They have 30 days before you can return it. 

For delivery it's either you can pay thru bank or cash on delivery so it's very convenient.

Ordering from online shops are risky but Zalora is not so good job :)

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥