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Vigan to La Union | From Hispanic Towns to Surfing Waves

This last weekend was a blast, me and my friends travelled all the way north to visit La Union and Vigan and it was super fun!

This is george, Ate Cath’s car. I think this was the farthest place it reached and thankfully we got there safe and sound.

We spent a lot of time in this bridge taking pictures as you can see haha :) The view was really nice, I just got scared being close to the edge of the bridge because of my fear of heights.
There are also other activities here like the zipline which costs at around 500-600 back and forth. We were on a tight budget so we didn’t get the chance to experience it.

The bantay bell tower, this was the place where we really got ‘nognog’ because I think it was 12 noon or past 12 and the sun was really on its peak. The bell tower is actually amazing because it was built 1591 I think and people can still tour inside the bell tower.

Finally we arrived in Vigan and had lunch in Cafe Leona. The place was cozy and you can feel the old vibes ambiance.

Vigan’s famous Bagnet!

We also toured around Calle Crisologo, it’s a very nice place to have photoshoots and kalesa rides. The place looks better at night with all the lights but again we don’t have the time to stay late there.

We also visited Baluarte, Chavit Singson’s zoo place. He has a wide variety of animals, exotic animals, and the place is huge! He has birds, camels, mini horses, deer, tiger, snakes, iguana, peacocks.

Good thing we watched the animal show, three of us were picked to handle the animals! I got the snake, and my others friends got the eagle and the palawan bear :)


Now it’s time for surfing! This was in San Juan La Union and it’s my second time trying out surfing, I experienced it first in Baler but the waves here are much bigger than the waves there. I was afraid at first haha!

I think my ear drank a lot of water just by hitting the waves lol! 

Finally I reached the shore!

And that’s it! Our short vacation trip to Vigan and La Union. It was a fun experience and we enjoyed every bit of it. We’ll definitely visit this place again!

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥