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Sky full of stars


Last Saturday I've had the opportunity to watch again the pyro olympics in MOA tho it's the last day of the event. I never have tried buying the vip ticket before but thankfully my companion bought for us :) While looking for a place to seat there are none left, buti nalang nakita namin kung saan pwede humingi ng chair then we looked for a spot. Maraming tao and also booths like tanduay, shakeys, bon chon and others, there are also poi, not sure of the spelling, dancers entertaining while we wait for the event to start.
The last country we saw that competed was China and it was really good. I liked the part where they used these epic instrumentals, like they used one from "The Pacific Rim" it was really nice. I didn't notice how long the fireworks ran but I enjoyed it the whole time. After all of that they announced the winners and they are 

  1. Netherlands
  2. China
  3. Portugal

Luckily we witnessed one of the winners. After that the Philippines gave a firework show too as we were not part of the competition. Super ganda din :) I enjoyed everything the whole time kahit na ang daming tao and mahirap mag rest room hahaha. Hopefully next year I can witness the spectacular show in the sky

Lots of love
Alyssa ❤