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Caramel Cake Anyone?

Cakes, chiffon, chocolate, vanilla, marble, ube, icing, cakes... One of the basic things needed for a birthday. There are lots of bakeries out there with great tasting cakes but this one intrigued us.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and we thought about giving her a cake. We thought about it and found this bakery, Estrel's Caramel Cakes. At first we were doubtful but checked it anyway through zomato and found nothing but good reviews. We went there to check if there were available cakes but kailangan pala magpa reserve and so we did. The accommodation was ok, they give numbers upon entrance to those who will order and for those who will pick up. We talked to one of the staff and had a conversation about our order, the color of the flowers, dedication, cake size and outer layer if it's caramel of marshmallow. After that they asked what time will we pick it up on the next day then straight to payment. The prices were reasonable and almost same with other bakeries.

This is the interior, I only have one picture nahiya kasi ako kumuha haha. It was airconditioned of course and i like the minimalistic decorations and everything was in pastel colors. So on the left side is where you take orders and on the right is where you pick them up. 

This is their box, we ordered a 10" cake. The box was very simple, maybe they can do more on the design or packaging. Walang hawakan so mahirap dalhin, siguro kasi puro mayayaman bumibili puro may kotse kaya di na kailangan bitbitin haha, but ok lang naman.

(photo from my mom) And this is the cake! Super green kasi favorite ni mommyang green. The taste of the cake was outstanding, it's not too sweet nor bland but just the right amount. The cake has two layers and in between them is another filling, caramel, which tastes like custard and super delicious. The outer coverage is caramel and the flowers are made from butter i think. All in all rating for the cake is 10. It's super sulit and we will still order again :)

54 Scout Tobias corner Scout Limbaga Streets, Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City 1103, 
Metro Manila, Philippines

Operating Hours:
Mon-Sat 8:30am - 7pm
Sun 8:30am - 5pm

contact: 372-2965, 371-7938 or 376-7317

Lots of love
 Alyssa ❤