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Steak77 | Perfect First Fine Dining Experience

Fine Dining, when people hear it some cringe because we all know how much the food costs and the small serving. I am actually one of those people who turn away from fine dining since I know it'll be pricey, however a thought came in that at times I need to treat myself every once in a while especially when I know I did a great job at work or if I did something good. Admit it, working hard drains our bodies and minds and we need to refuel it again; find an inspiration or reward yourself.

Food is one of the best reward I can give myself, and eating somewhere worthy would do it. Steak77 is one of the places we tried that is worthy for rewarding yourself. It's a local concept that specializes in steaks and other products. They just opened last October 2016, located at Timog Avenue, Quezon City. They promote Western and Asian theme and is known for its free bread at each table.  

For fine dining first timers, we recommend you to try Steak77 first :)

Owner sir Ernie Chan loves steak and so opened his own restaurant to share with us what he loves. Steak77 only serves the quality meat, prime rib-eye grade 4, to customers and that's what makes them stand out, plus they have a kiddie meal if your planning to bring kiddos. The kids meal includes pasta red/white sauce and chicken/hungarian sausage (P170).

They also hold events like birthdays, baptism and meetings for 40px.

Their wine selection is exclusive and these wines are matched per steak to compliment emphasize flavors of the meat. You can ask the staff what kind of wine they would recommend for your order.

The roasted bone marrow is from Kitayama Wagyu, high end. The process is they torch the bone marrow before serving to glaze it and for the oil to ooze. Better eat this immediately before it greases, and we don't recommend this if you have high blood pressure. It's sided with bread and jam plus fresh greens, i prefer eating it with the greens.

The ID of Steak77. Composed of fresh greens, candied walnuts, their version of balsamic vinaigrette, with apples. I love how harmonious every composition is with each other. the apples work well with the candied walnuts!

Since fries are overrated they used the local ones, taro, and turned it into a high class appetizer. I actually loved this one since it's local and Chili Aioli sauce caught my taste buds.

The difference of this pasta is they use truffled oil and fresh lobster and lobster stock is also added. The oil is only used to add the scent of truffle to the pasta. What I loved about this pasta is the lobster! And again best eaten while its warm.

STEAK77 RIB-EYE STEAK (P725 per 100 grams)
Added in this steak is a secret recipe, that's why it's special and delectable. The highlight for this is it's prime rib-eye, grade 4. This is one of the best steaks I've ever tried and I fully recommend you should try this one. Flavors are spot, plus the sides compliment the meat perfectly. 

US ANGUS TOMAHAWK STEAK (P750 per 100 grams)
The tomahawk is a regular rib-eye and the bone is still attached to it. Again the flavors are spot on! You will never go wrong if you order this. This is also good for sharing for 2-3 people. They serve 2 kinds of sauces for the steak, the red wine sauce and the pepper corn sauce, I recommend you try the pepper corn sauce.

This is not the common ribs from New Orleans. Only two spices are used and reducted with soy sauce then glazed with honey. Sided with corn, taro chips and fries. This meal is good for sharing, but if you want you can have it for one person. The meat is tender and falls off the bones easily.

This particular dessert is cooked in front of you. You can watch the video in this link. EVERYTHING IS HEAVENLY. You have the vanilla ice cream, banana, and oh they also flambe this to perfection.

It is not bad to reward yourself when you know you deserve it.
That mindset changed how I look at life, so I mostly reward myself with food! It fuels me, which makes me work harder so I always look forward to the day when I will reward myself again. 

This coming "swelduhan" if you think you did something pretty well or deserve a break and want to eat somewhere fancy with your loved one of officemates Steak77 is the place you HAVE TO TRY! They serve GREAT, GENEROUS and FLAVORFUL food and every penny is worth it.

Food - Perfection, there's not one thing you will not like in their selection. High quality ingredients are used per dish.
Price - I know it's pricey for the average person but for the ingredients, presentation, quality and service is one of the best. Also as I said earlier, it's that time where you can treat yourself to somewhere fancy.
Serving - Generous, unlike what we see with other fine dining restaurants.
Service - Attentive, the staff are alert with our needs and they refill our glasses if ALMOST empty.
Parking - I know it's hard to find parking spaces in Timog but they will guide you as to where you can park, and they have a space beside them that will soon be open for their customers.
Ambiance - Relaxing 

66 Timog Avenue Trans-Orient Maritime Agency Bldg. Quezon City, Philippines

Operating Hours:
Sat - Sun 11am to 3pm, resume 5pm to 12mn
Tues - Sun 5pm to 12mn

Facebook: @steak77ph
Instagram: @steak77ph
For Reservations Contact: 0915 453 2476

Lots of love