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A lady's hair is her crowning glory, so we have to take care of it. Washing is one way of keeping it in good shape, however washing with shampoo everyday may cause it to become dry, dull and easily break. As some of you may know I have been coloring and bleaching my hair for some time now and yes it may damage my hair big time. I don't want to get bald or have thin hair when I grow older so I've done some research on how to keep my hair healthy and strong while keeping up with coloring it.

One way of keeping it healthy is to wash with conditioner often rather than with shampoo. So my routine would be to wash it with conditioner then wait for one to two days before washing again, depends if it gets really hot I need to wash the next day. For the days I don't wash my hair I use a dry shampoo to keep the oil off. I use the Beach Born Dry Shampoo.

DRY SHAMPOO ( P218 150ml )

I have been wanting to get my hands on this product, and I'm glad I've finally tried it. The dry shampoo helps prevent your roots from getting oily, keeping it fresh and adding volume to limp hair as well. 

- Spray on roots and tips to get excess grease
- Wait a few seconds then finger style it!

My experience:
It helped a lot with my colored hair, since I don't want to wash it everyday and it keeps the oil off my roots. What I do is spray it all over my roots and dry it with a hair blower or the electric fan then style it after. It doesn't have a strong smell, and you can feel the powdery substance after it dries. I also want to try their Sea Salt Spray!

SUNSET SPRAY ( P175 100ml )
Another issue is using flat iron or curling iron, it makes our hair dry and it may break off easily. Using iron everyday without heat protection spray may damage our hair big time. I mostly iron my hair since it's slightly buhaghag and I want to keep it in shape. I've been looking for heat protecting spray that doesn't break the bank and it's the Beach Born Sunset spray.

- Water, VCO, Lavender, Vitamin E

- Apply on towel dry hair

My experience:
- After I towel dry my hair I spray some on the tip and all over my hair to give good coverage. Next is I air dry it or use the blower then it's good to go for the flat iron! It only has a bit of smell since it's infused with lavender and VCO.

For now I'm happy with these products, they do what it says are the claims plus it's very affordable! If you want to check out their products click here

Comment down below what products you want to me to review next time :)

Lots of love