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Master Garden | Tomas Morato


Love for Pinoy food never goes away, may it be if your a full Filipino or have mixed race. It is our comfort food and wherever we travel around the Philippines we all have that favorite or special dishes we want to experience. Exploring our Islands is on my bucketlist, not just the sights but also the culture and food. Tho a lot of us don't have the luxury of time or money to travel there is an option for those with tight budget, if food is what you really want to try.

Located at Tomas Morato near Il Terrazo is Master Garden where they serve specialties from all around the country. Master Garden is a place where families will feel at home and enjoy each other's company with the addition of good service and extra facilities to maximize and savor their dining experience.

Found outside at the entrance is a mini cafe where they serve coffees and frappes, they have these tables also where you can play board games with your tito, tita and cousins. Plus this area is the smoking area.

The restaurant can occupy at least 100 people and they hold events as well, like family gatherings, birthdays and baptismal.

What I also love about Master Garden is their breakfast and lunch buffet which is located at the left most section of the restaurant. They have sago't gulaman for the buffet!

* Buffet - 145 pesos per head (food served are what most filipino families have in the morning like tapa, tocino, kesong puti, pandesal ang more)
7am - 10am
Breakfast free for kids 7yrs old and below

*Luch Buffet - 269 pesos per head
For kids 189 pesos
11am - 2:30pm

Steak ni Master is a Rib-eye steak with corn and carrot sides. The meat is tender is perfectly paired with steamed rice! 

Anywhere I eat I always look for shrimp or prawn dishes! Good thing they have the Sugpo sa maalat na dagat with salted egg sauce. My oh my this dish is the best in this post! The prawns are fresh and you can taste it's sweetness with every bite and the salted egg sauce equalizes every taste. I think I ate most of the shrimps!

Never have I ever thought I'll be eating goat meat! Funny story before I share this dish, while taking it's video I took a small part from it to dip in the vinegar then quickly ate it after. I described the taste like the local pares and the meat is tender and very flavorful! My companion told me it was a goat's meat and I was slightly shocked since I know they use goat meat for kilawin; I still liked the taste whatever meat used.

You don't need to travel to Tagaytay just to taste the best Bulalo, Master Garden is already serving it here at Tomas Morato! What we love about the dish is how soft and tender the meat is! They quickly fall of from the bone and no hard time chewing it. The soup is also to die for!

I've been in love with pinoy desserts and this dish made me love it more! Chef's dessert is a sticky rice cake with fresh ripe mango topped with vanilla ice cream and mascuvado sugar plated inside shot glasses. Every component is in harmony together and you can taste them individually at the same time.

Last but not the least is the famous leche flan. The sweetness is fine and of course this dessert will not let you down.

Master Garden is the place to share our loved pinoy dishes with the family and friends. If you want to know more about their menu, click here.

Food - I haven't tasted more from the menu but as per what we had everything tasted good, tho I was not a fan of the Steak ni Master but aside from that good, good, good.
Price - Reasonable for a family size or even just for two people. The buffet price is very good as well.
Serving - They did not withheld good food from us, so the serving is perfect for the price and it is also for sharing, win win!
Service - Master Garden has one of the best service we experienced! They were attentive and very helpful with our needs.
Parking - no problem with the parking, they can accommodate up to 6 cars parked in front of the restaurant.
Ambiance - I know the restaurant name does not sound pinoy but the vibe is welcoming, since us Filipinos are hospitable. You can feel it from every staff and the manager.

Master Garden
310 Tomas Morato Avenue Extension, South Triangle, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Operating Hours:
Monday - Sunday 7am to 12:30am

Facebook: @mastergardentmorato
Instagram: @mastergardentmorato
Contact:  (02)277-5588 / 0906-596-0320

Lots of love