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Steak77 | Treat Yourself For The Perfect Dinner Date

Fine Dining, when people hear it some cringe because we all know how much the food costs and the small serving. I am actually one of those people who turn away from fine dining since I know it'll be pricey, however a thought came in that at times I need to treat myself every once in a while especially when I know I did a great job at work or if I did something good. Admit it, working hard drains our bodies and minds and we need to refuel it again; find an inspiration or reward yourself.

 It is not bad to reward yourself when you know you deserve it.
That mindset changed how I look at life, so I mostly reward myself with food! It fuels me, which makes me work harder so I always look forward to the day when I will reward myself again. 

This coming "swelduhan" if you think you did something pretty well or deserve a break and want to eat somewhere fancy with your loved one of officemates Steak77 is the place you HAVE TO TRY! They serve GREAT, GENEROUS and FLAVORFUL food and every penny is worth it.

For a full overview watch the video below!

66 Timog Avenue Trans-Orient Maritime Agency Bldg. Quezon City, Philippines

Operating Hours:
Sat - Sun 11am to 3pm, resume 5pm to 12mn
Tues - Sun 5pm to 12mn

Facebook: @steak77ph
Instagram: @steak77ph
For Reservations Contact: 0915 453 2476

Lots of love