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Oh My Bag | Bag Care Products

Bags are a necessity for women, even if we "almost" use only one bag we still want to buy a lot of them (guilty!). It has always been one of the favorite collections of women and as collectors we find ways to keep them at top quality and well taken care of. I know at times it may be pricey, but don't worry because with Oh My Bag you can now take good care of them without spending too much!

We see these little packs inside shoes or bags, they are dehumidifiers to keep your things dry and preserved well. I always put one in my bag!

Second product I like from them is their bag filer! You can put your bag inside, whatever size it may be, to protect them from dirt and dust. You can buy one for every bag and keep them clean! For me I use it whenever I'm in the shop, I put my bag inside and put it under my table, that way I won't get worried getting my bag dirty.

Having a beautiful bag is great, but putting an extra something to it like a handle wrap is better! You can buy different handle wraps for only 299! DIfferent wraps for different moods. I love their handle wraps for being stylish and chic! Plus you can easily wash them and they protect your bag handles.

Oh My Bag has a lot to offer to every bag lovers, they have Dust Bags, Base Shapers, Bag Stuffer and Bag Raincoat! If you want to know and see more products check the links below!

Binondo Branch - 2nd Floor Condominium, Plaza Cervantes St. Binondo Manila
Malate - 7th Floor Heritage Condominium F, Vasquez St. Corner Remedios St. Malate Manila
Greenhills - 3rd Floor, Shoppesville (inside beauty depot) Greenhills San Juan
Makati - 2nd Floor Cinderella, Glorietta 3 Makati City
Alabang - 2nd Floor Pop Culture (inside beauty depot)

Website: Oh My Bag
Instagram: @ohmybagphils

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