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Shangrila Welcomes Yellow Cab and Jamba Juice

Yellow Cab and Jamba Juice opens up their first collaboration store in Shangrila and it's the best! Shangri-La Plaza is now home to Yellow Cab and Jamba Juice’s collaboration store. The two brands are sharing a space to create a seamless system that allows customers to easily enjoy the tasty offerings of both brands.

"This is our first collaboration store where customers get to experience the full menu lineup from both brands.  We’re happy to Blend in the Good Stuff as we bring this unique dining experience to Shang, and hopefully to other parts of the country too.” - COO Roy Quejada

The East Coast meets West Coast concept was made to let diners enjoy both worlds, either dining with a New York pizza or drinking a sip of a healthy smoothie or you can simply do both! For me at least rather than buying anywhere else you get the privilege and comfort of dining to one place and getting a lot of selections with the food and drinks. By the way this is the only branch where you can get the full menu line up from both brands.

I was overwhelmed with the activity and forgot to take photos of everything sorry! But I got to make my very own smoothie! There are easy steps on how to make them and I enjoyed it! Especially when I had to ride a bike for the blender to work haha! They use sherbet for the smoothie so no sugar available and it's totally healthy!

This is the bike where you have to blend the smoothie

Tada! The finished product. My friends got to make a pepperoni pizza and I got to make this :) 

If ever you're in the area don't forget to drop by! Yellow Cab and Jamba Juice is found at the Level 1 Main Wing in front of Zara.

Yellow Cab

Instagram: @yellowcabpizza

Jamba Juice
Facebook: /jambajuiceph
Instagram: @jambajuiceph

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