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13 Ubay Comfort Dining

13 Ubay celebrates their anniversary with a new menu and we've been invited to try them out. Opened last November 2015 and now for their first year anniversary they've prepared a new menu and introduce new comfort food we'll love.

A bit of background 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining started as an ancestral home to a family whose love for food tied them together, to a printing press to being "KusYna" of Pangako Sa'yo. Today, what stands in the area is a culmination of its first three occupants - a restaurant that brings life to heirloom recipes and adventurous dishes.

According to Edna Sarmiento, half of the mother-daughter tandem who owns the restaurant, her parents would whip a feast every time there would be family gatherings, with the table always looking like a spread taken out from food magazines, inviting and tempting.

Filipino staple dishes take center stage on the menu with the inclusion of Binagoongan, Kaldereta, and Lechon Manok, all of which are mainstays at each and every Sarmiento family gathering. Other newcomers on the menu include Gambas, which is made more special with 13 Ubays special tomato confit, Shrimp and Chorizo Pasta, and the filling Bowl of Beef and Cabbage.

These incredible photos were taken by Chef Zaza's grandfather and they add more life to the homey feel of the restaurant.

As the event started they gave us welcoming drinks, which is the Gimansi and 13th old fashion. The gimansi has gin in it and the 13th old fashion has whisky, i prefer the 13th old fashion :)

Bacon is also a recurring ingredient among 13 Ubays signature dishes. We make our own bacon, from scratch,” said Zaza. Made out of love, love for bacon, and with the help of their in-house bacon smoker, their homemade bacon appears on almost, if not all, of the crowd favorites; from their Bacon Pizza, with the dough made in-house as well.

Their pizza has egg on the center and yes it's unusual but it works and is delicous!

This is their Cheese and Raspberry Salad, the raspberry vinaigrette is the best! It acidity adds more texture to the salad.

Salmon and Capers has homemade smoked salmon and fried capers.

Twice Cooked Ribs, this has apple kimchi on the sides and compliments very well with the ribs.

Grilled Chicken Harissa, I actually haven't got to taste this since mabilis naubos so I assume this is delicous as well :) The chicken is a Half Chicken in North African chili pepper paste served with beans.

Chef Zaza with her grandfather giving a simple and heartfelt speech.

I didn't get to take a photo of the dessert but it was an ube piaya and ube cheesecake. The ube halaya is taken a notch higher with the Ube Cheesecakehomemade ube cheesecake with polvoron crust. The owners were raving about their ube and was proud of it and I can agree to that! I'm very picky with my ube and theirs was the taste I was looking for. Remind you that everything is homemade.

Food and family, they always pair well. And with a menu thats more personal and speaks deeper about the restaurants colorful story, 13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining definitely is your home away from home, always keeping their guests hearts warm and tummies filled.

Thank you 13 Ubay for filling our tummies with delicous food!

13 Ubay St., Barangay Sienna, Sta. Mesa Heights, Quezon City.

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sun 11:00AM - 2:00PM, 5:00PM - 11:00PM

Instatgram: @13ubay
Contact: 519-6484

Lots of love