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Milkshake Lab | The Yard

When the word "lab" comes to mind I think of chemistry, mixing, elements, science but not the word food. Recently we stumbled upon a delightful place in The Yard called Milkshake Lab, ever since I heard it immediately I felt like I want to indulge myself with it. Thankfully the owner Ms. Gill Hizon gave us the chance.

Milkshake Lab is inspired from a bar in Australia where they serve cocktails with syringe, since Ms. Gill took up Pastry Arts she incorporated all her knowledge into making milkshakes with different concoctions and wanted a chemistry theme. With their tagline "Simply Explosive" these milkshakes will blow your mind and tastebuds!

If you want to see how they're made you should watch this!

S'MORES (150)
One of their best sellers is the S'mores, it's from the Milkshake Concoctions which is their specialty menu. This baby has marshmallows, grahams, hershey chocolate and a small syringe with syrup in it! Just looking at it makes me excited and kilig. 

Another from the best seller list is the Brownie Nutella Fudge which has brownie bits in the milkshake, brownies on top of whipped cream, wafer stick plus nutella syrup syringe! This is my favorite so far since I prefer vanilla milkshake. I will come back for this!

Aside from the concoctions they have smoothies which costs P80 and Experiment where you can create your own milkshake! You can start with adding a base (P90) like classic vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or caramel then the active ingredients (P20) like Reese's, Maltesers, Buncha Crunch, Kitkat, Twix, M&m's and Oreo. What's great about it is you can add as much as you like! Go crazy!

83 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Operating Hours:
Mon-Sun 4:00pm to 11:30pm

Instagram: @milkshake.lab
Contact:  0977 097 6288

Lots of love