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A Taste of Europe | Vanderlust


As a food blogger we are always on the lookout for new food ventures and something we've never tried before. I am very glad to stumble upon a humble bistro + patisserie along Tomas Morato, Vanderlust. With their tagline "a story in every bite" here we'll discover how their story started.

Vanderlust is a passion project born out of intense desire for adventure, zeal for food,
curiosity of the unknown, and most of all love between a husband and a wife. This all started with their one month honeymoon in Europe where they were captivated by their experience with architecture, music and food the most. Since they loved what they experienced they brought it here to share with us. There are 3 delicacies served which are Spanish, German and Italian and all of them are also represented through their dessert which we'll see later.

TRIVIA: The “V” in Vanderlust stands for Valerie and “A” stands for Anthony. Vanderlust is also how Germans would pronounce Wanderlust.

Another video for you guys! :)

Their color scheme consists of white, blue, black and silver which looks classy and because it's the owner's preference and the wood accents add more feel to it.

Here's a tip for new diners! Their method is pay as you order so there won't be service charge :)

At the right side are directions for those who'd like to try their famous Schneeball (snow ball)

The second floor where you can dine and host events as well.

The bistro also serves hot menu items from the three countries such as the famous Bistecca Florentine (Italy), Catalan Baked Fish (Spain), and Sausages (Germany).

Now to their food!

Jamon Serrano Croquettes 4pcs (P128)
Deep-fried bechamel croquettes with lemon garlic aoili and topped with Spanish Jamon Serrano. This is a crowd pleaser for the appetizers. The inside is very creamy and subtle so the jamon serrano gives more taste to it. Usually croquettes are made with mashed potato, however these are made with special aoili to make it lighter. Jamon Serrano is served by itself too so you can order that.

Eggplant Caponata Brushcetta 3pcs (P128)
A Sicilian eggplant dish topped on melted mozzarella layered onto toasted baguettes. As what Mark said these kinds of presentation are very common in Italy where dishes are served on toasted baguettes. The ingredients are imported and some are sourced locally. They serve wines as well which are imported so better try those!

Schweinekotelett with Mustard Cream Sauce (P428)
Approx 300g of pork chop with creamy mustard sauce, German fermented cabbage and mashed potato. Pork skin cooked to crackling perfection for that truly Schweinshaxe inspired dish. This dish was revised a lot of times to perfect it, tho it's already good before, now it's even better at least for the owner. Now this is my favorite! The german sauerkraut and mashed potato captivated me! If they serve a whole dish of only sauerkraut maybe I'd order that as well haha! By the way german sauerkraut is like the pinoy atsara version. THIS IS THE MOST SULIT DISH YOU SHOULD TRY. The porkchop on the other hand is like our crispy pata, the skin is very crispy too. For the rice lovers out there don't worry they serve rice :)

Pesto di Aglio (P188)
Al dente pasta with Liguarian inspired pesto sauce that combines nuts, garlic, and basil. This one, dito ako nabusog! It's very delicious a and the nuts gives more texture to the pasta.

Cannoli - Earl Grey, Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Pistachio,
A famous Italian dessert is the Cannoli from Sicily, a region known for its ancient castles and world heritage sites back dating to Greek times. I've been looking for Cannolis and wondering what they taste like, luckily they serve it here! Tho this is not the traditional cannoli anymore because the traditional uses ricotta cheese for the filling and is piped fresh. My favorite is the Blueberry Cheesecake, which is a new flavor, then the Earl Grey which has a subtle taste and the pearls are edible! Tho they may offer it fresh soon.

Cookies and Cream Schneeballe
It's a 300 year old pastry made from shortcrust pastry. Popular in the area of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, it's name is derived from its round, ball-like shape of about 8 to 10 diameter. Traditionally, this German pastry is decorated with confectioner's sugar. This is a must try if you come to Vanderlust. The pastry at first we thought was hard like candy but it's not, it's a new taste for us and it's very good. The texture is very similar to thick pie crust, great for kids too! Here's a video on a how to for your Schneeball

Apple Cinnamon Crumble (P165 Enorme)
The crumbs on top are from the Scheeball pastry. This drink is very refreshing tho it's common but it's still very good. They gave us a hot chocolate too but I haven't gotten to take photos :( The chocolate used was different but a higher and good quality. You can taste the difference!

Signature Red Velvet Spanish Churros
Spanish Churros or Spanish Donuts are very popular in Spain, it's like their street food and is very common like our pandesal. This red velvet churros is covered with white chocolate and has cream cheese frosting. This is actually the sweetest of all the flavors and my favorite! This churro is actually served cold but they have the option where you can order a hot one but it is made fresh order.

We're very glad to eat and chat beside Sir Mark, the owner, he was there to guide us through the food and explained everything. Overall experience is 100%, staff were polite and attentive. The place is very clean and classy, no complaints about the lighting. One thing na medyo mahirap is the parking since there are not much spaces, but since it's along Tomas Morato people can park any street and you can walk to the restau. The prices are reasonable since you are also paying for the experience and the serving size is generous, it's not like every day you get to try Euroupean food haha. It's such a great experience to come here, you'll be introduced to another world and try their culture. It's true about the tagline "a story in every bite".

0100 Sct De Guia cor Tomas Morato Quezon City, Philippines

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thurs 12nn to 10pm
Fri - Sat 12nn to 2am
Sun 12nn to 10pm

Instgaram: @vanderlustph
Contact: 02-954-0401

Lots of love