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It's Bao or Never | Bao On The Block

Since then I love eating siopao especially the asado one, I remember buying from 7-11 for my merienda. Little did I know there could be other toppings we could try! This kind of dish is becoming popular in other places like New York City and recently has been introduced to us in the street of Sgt. Esguerra. Bao on the block is your friendly neighborhood bao that is perfect for lunch and merienda with its unique offerings of bao with different toppings and rice bowls. If you love siopao then this is the place for you!

Opened last September, Bao on the Block was created since the owners grew up with Cua Pao on their table and with a touch of creativity and ideas opened their first venture into the food industry.

Photo wall where they post pictures of their customers :)

Their tagline "It's Bao Or Never", cute!

Now their menu consists of rice bowls, bao specials, dumplings, desserts and drinks with very creative names, you'll see :) Their food is affordable and has a generous amount too. You can check their menu here. Let's get to them!

If you love korean food then this is for you! This korean-inspired bao has kimchi on top of pork and veggies with sides of wanton chips. Plus if you like it hot you should get this! Wow anghang! By the way for their baos you can have 1 bao for 89 pesos, 159 for 2 and 379 for 5! Super affordable!

This is their best seller and my favorite! Bao to the king has beansprouts and chicken teriyaki which is tender. I didn't expect how good this was! This is a must try. They also have Tsing Tao, a very popular beer in China, you can pair with their bao.

Tho they have other specialty toppings they still have the classic one. BOTB Classic has pork, hoisin sauce, pickled veggies and nuts on top. If you like to keep it simple you should try this.

Personally I don't like wasabi but WOW, this fish wasabi is my favorite! This rice bowl has dory fish fillet with wasabi mayo and nori on top with pickled veggies, wanton chips and teriyaki rice. Nakakabusog and super delicious! All the ingredients worked out so well with each other, clap clap!


Of course even their dessert has fried bao! With vanilla ice cream and graham crumbs, the hot bao and cold ice cream compliment each other :)

Bao on the Block is very refreshing from the typical food we see, it's a unique venture into food and offers great service to their customers. Now I miss their fish wasabi! I'll definitely be back here. Oh and their location is beside a car wash so if you have time or would like to have a car wash you can dine with them :) Thank you Bao on the Block for having us!

Sgt. Esguerra/Mo. Ignacia/ Eugenio Lopez drive

Operating Hours:
Mon-Sun 11am to 9pm

Instagram: @baoontheblock
For deliveries: 0995 783 9797 (within south triangle qc for a minimum order of P350)

Lots of love