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Review | Sleek Face Contour Kit and Nyx Lingerie

I was not used to makeup while growing up, I always go to school with a clean face and my drawn eyebrows (I really have thin brows) but I love watching tutorials at that time. After graduating college that was the only time I promised myself to improve and be more presentable, medyo natagalan haha. I watched a lot of makeup tutorials on youtube and finally I learned how to do the basics, yay! For me there's always excitement when I watch makeup reviews and first impressions and so here I am applying everything I learned and hoping to help you guys.

Contouring and highlighting has not been a part of my daily routine until I was convinced watching Jeffree Star! Having a healthy skin is essential to have a glowing skin. I actually have a dry to normal skin type and I'm also working on getting it moisturized and healthy looking, but for the meantime this is my weapon.

637.00 php
The Sleek Face Contour Kit is not my first, I think I had a cover girl contour palette once but the color was way off (red) since I don't know what color I have to have haha! Anyway, I bought this at Trinoma and this kit is a duo compact that comes with a highlighter as well.
- In the shade light and it has the right color for my skin tone (medium-light), not too red or taupe, which will make the hollows of my cheeks muddy. 
- Pigmented and does not have fall outs.
- Matte and easy-to-blend.
- You can use it to contour your nose or use a daily eyeshadow.

The highlighter is my favorite!
- Champagne shade
It's not too glittery but has a sheer touch to it, kinda makes my skin look healthy.
Buildable and can be striking if you apply a liquid highlighter at the bottom and top it with the powder.

This is a great starter kit if you want to contour your face, just be mindful of the shade you choose. I'm really happy with this one and I find myself using it daily, not mostly for the contour but the highlighter, to give myself a good glow. I also love the fact it has a mirror in it so you can bring this on-the-go.

450.00 php
Now ze lips! There's been a hype over the Nyx Lingerie liquid lips because they released GREAT nude colors! And who does not love nude colored lippies?! Sadly lots of colors were out of stock at the Nyx stalls because of high demand. After a few months I purchased my first in the shade Ruffle Trim and I can say it's love at first swipe! I've been using them daily and I think it's nearing to empty haha. The product:
- Matte Finish
- Creamy (feels like a lipstick)
- Full Coverage
- Not too drying, does not crack as well
- Touching up after eating is needed, since there are parts that will come off.

This is very affordable for the price and quality! So far this is my fave go-to lippie for day time. I will look for more shades and share it with you guys!

Here's a swatch of the products, top to bottom.
- Nyx Lingerie (Ruffle Trim)
- Contour SHade (Light)
- Highlighter

Actual photo of the highlighter and contour applied.

That's it! Hope this helped you guys :) Till my next beauty post!

Lots of love