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This summer, our goal is to have that summer body to flaunt and so we keep our bodies fit while going to the gym. What some of us neglect however is to keep our health at top shape. Taking in vitamins everyday is essential to our health especially while growing old since our bodies lessen the production of these vitamins. Vitamin C is an example needed by our bodies to strengthen our immune system. Taking in vitamin C orally is good but actually most of it our body eliminates, that's why it's better to take it through IV because with it your body will absorb every mg. Thanks to Renovo Integrative Med they made it possible!

Lately I haven't taken any vitamins to help strengthen my body that's why I get coughs and colds most of the time. I wanted to change my lifestyle and keep myself healthy, so when I heard about Mega Dose Vitamin C I didn't think twice and tried it right away!

The clinic has these comfortable chairs where you will be seated for your IV, but before that they have an in-house Doctor you may consult with beforehand to know the right amount of dose your body needs. For starters they give 15 grams (15,000 milligrams), but the most our bodies can take is 50g for a normal health regimen.

Taking the Vitamin C just like the regular dextrose. The nurse's hands were light and I didn't feel any pain.

So what are the benefits of Vitamin C?
- Lessens pain after injuries
- Helps body heal faster
- Improves energy levels/fatigue
- Improves response to cancer therapies for cancer patient
- Most of all, it helps kill cancer cells! This is the most amazing benefit we can get. It really is protection is better than cure.

There are only two side effects after the process, you will get VERY THIRSTY and a bit sleepy but it's tolerable so don't worry.

The process took about 30 minutes for me, with 15 grams of vitamin C, since my body accepts the fluid fast, tho I felt a little sting through my veins because they are thin. This should be taken twice a month to make sure you stay healthy.

With Rachel from

I'm very happy with my Mega Dose Vitamin C, now I 'm worry free for my health and my body can battle and win over possible coughs and colds! By the way they also offer doses for collagen, vitamin B, etc. So book your appointment now! Get your IVC today for better health!

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