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Cafe Laferennie | Your New Cozy Tambayan Place

The famous Tomas Morato has been one of the favorite tambayan places from before until now, and food places continue to grow and branch out. Just a little farther from it is Kamuning where, some say, is growing and becoming a new place where young peeps and barkadas would tend to hangout. Found at a corner near Kamuning Elementary School is a new cozy cafe, Cafe Laferennie where board games, crib styled-seats and milkshakes are the things you should look out for.

Cafe Laferennie just recently opened and it has been the talk of the town since then. With it's delicious milkshakes, colorful menu selections, crib styled-seats, board games and a japanese style vibe, students, barkadas, couples and even families will love to hangout here! Owner, Lanie, took the opportunity to establish a cafe and let students and others have a place where they can sit, eat, sip and enjoy. Inspired by Japanese cafes where you sit down on floors with lots of pillows and teddy bears to keep you company is just the place we need.

The Cafe has two floors. You can find several cribs (seats) at the first floor plus the counter where they can take your orders, their policy is you find your seat first then go to the counter for your order and pay right there. The shoe cabinet is also found where you can leave your shoes in exchange of slippers, to maintain cleanliness. While the second floor have more cribs (seats) plus the corner where you can borrow board games, you have to give an ID first before playing.

If you want a refreshing and light place then this is it, wide windows are built to let natural light in, to add more vibrance and the sense of happiness to the cafe.

The place is also filled with lots of post-it notes where diners can leave notes of which are inspirational, hugot or just about anything.

TRIVIA: As some of you may think, the word "laferennie" may sound french or italian, it's not. The word consists of the names of the family of owner Lanie.

La - Lailanie (sister)
Fer - Ferdinand (father)
En - Encarnacion (mother)
Nie - Lanie (owner)

Second Floor


Like what I said, colorful menu selections! This is the first time I've seen a very colorful Cheese Burger. Usually we see different colors in single, but here you get 3 shades! Don't worry they still taste the same haha! The buns are soft and tasty. Every layer is proportioned and tastes delicious! I also like the sides of fries, they have 3 shakers of powdered flavor for the fries and you can pick what flavor you want.


Did I say "colorful" already? haha! So this is their rainbow nachos, some of you may think the taste is different but it is actually still the same. They have these colorful nacho chips topped with tomato slices, onions, cheese sauce and grated cheese. This is an awesome platter for barkadas!

Their milkshakes is a must-try! This one here is like a black forest milkshake infused with pretzels, stick-o, sugar cone, marshmallow cookie and marshmallows, all we need for the summer!


If you want desserts aside from their milkshake you can order this delicious Choco candy waffle. The waffles are still warm and tastier with the whipped cream and choco syrup. Tho for the waffles I think it's good to add at least one scoop of ice cream, but still even without that it tastes great.


Their signature dish named after the family. The dish is like a salisbury steak with their take on it. The burger steak and sauce tastes good, and the mushrooms! 


One of the dishes I liked, the bangus meat looks like a chicken nugget and that's a plus. It doesn't look like your typical bangus belly, plus it tastes delicious! Partnering it with vinegar tops it, but I'm not sure if they have those condiments.

Cafe Laferennie is a great place to hangout or if you're waiting for someone it's a good place to wait since their menu is affordable and food is good. Just a little note it can get a little noisy especially on school days (weekdays) since students come here after school hours. It's best to stay on the first floor if you want a bit less noise.

Food - Satisfactory tho it can be better. They are still starting and I know they can improve a lot with their menu.
Price - Just right, the serving matches the price points. Also they have budget meals for students so don't forget to ask about that.
Serving - Balanced with the price. The milkshakes can improve :)
Parking - At least 2 cars can park outside the cafe. If you want to visit hassle free it's best to take the jeepney since there are lots who pass by.
Ambiance - GREAT! I love the natural light coming in, the light and vibrant colors. The place is really clean!

Cafe Laferennie
#17 Scout Ybardolaza St., corner Scout de Guia Kamuning, Quezon City, Philippines

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri 1pm to 12am
Sat - Sun 10am to 12am

Instagram: @cafelaferennie

Lots of love