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Artheraphy Cafe | Enjoy Food With Art


In our world today cafes, restaurants and food parks grow everywhere and add twist to their services to capture customers. What a lot of people look for are instagrammable food with a unique theme and a lot of cafes offer that, but right now what we need is a cafe where art is a therapy and spiritual feel is also present.

Artheraphy is the perfect cafe for that!

Located at E.Rodriguez Quezon City near Hemady Mall is Artheraphy cafe where you can relax and reflect. It's kinda weird saying the word reflect, but it's the perfect word to describe what you can do here. Artheraphy is a Christian cafe where quotes from the bible is designed all over the cafe. Upon entering you will notice a big mural on your left with a lion's head (they did their own logo and the designs on the wall).

Artheraphy was created mainly as a graphics providing shop through shirts and prints until they expanded their creativity, which led to artistic and instagrammable food. The first and original cafe is located at Naic Cavite and Trece Marteres and now they branched out North for us to enjoy their selections!

The cafe is filled with bible quotes that will inspire every customer who dines. You can see mason jars displayed with their logos and small frames with quotes.


T-shirts are also available with designs, you can also give them the designs you want as long as it is in line with the word of God. They have really good designs!

If you are the coffee lover, this is your milkshake! This shake has chocolate chips, vanilla ice cream, cookies and a chocolate wafer. The taste is very rich and creamy plus absolutely INSTAGRAMMABLE! It's best to enjoy the shake while eating the sweets on top, it's like a dessert and drink in one! The drink is a bit sweet but on a good note.

I enjoyed the toppings on this one since it has this candy strip wrapped around the straw, you can see how they incorporated their artistry in every shake! This Blueberry shake also has vanilla ice cream with a CONE and blueberry! Taste is very nice and everyone will enjoy this on a hot day.

Incredibly refreshing drink! It's one of those drink you will finish right away since it refreshes your palate and very cool to the taste buds.

Help beat energy gap! You can take your milo game to the next level with this drink, you can also have it to-go if you're in a hurry. I enjoyed the milo powder around the tip of the glass plus it adds more to the taste of the drink. For some they want all the powder mixed but for me having small powder particle is perfect!


Every menu should have Nachos! Do you agree? Tho a lot of cafes offer nachos they still have different twist or take on it. By just looking at the photos you can think of how crispy the chips are, the flavorful meat added with cheese sauce that will melt in your mouth and tomatoes!


The perfect snack for every merienda! You will not be disappointed with this dish, first it's a healthy sandwich filled with veggies, sauted chicken in bbq sauce plus wheat bread! Second it's like a full meal, if you're on a diet. Presentation and serving = A+!

Their burger waffle is a MUST TRY! If you want to indulge to cheat day but still into that healthy lifestyle then this is your meal. I suggest you eat this while it's still warm so the burger patty will be tender. The first taste is a bit weird since they used waffles, but you'll get used to it.


If I'm going back to Artheraphy, this is the dish I will order! I have never been a fan of pesto but they changed my mind! I love the subtle taste of spice and the tuna. It may look like it's not a lot but trust me "nakakabusog". It's only a tad oily but I think that's normal.


The reason why they are an art cafe, look how colorful the waffle is! You should not miss this if you're dropping by. The different syrups compliments with the vanilla ice cream. To my surprise the waffles aren't ordinary, they too have flavors, same with the syrup :) This is a fun dessert for those artsy people and it's instagram worthy!

Artheraphy is one of those cafes you will enjoy if you want some place quiet, where you can bond and talk with your friends. Also a great place to have your reflection, quiet time or any personal time you need.

Food - It not only fills your tummy but also fills your eyes with their artsy food presentations. The only concern I have is the shakes are a tad sweet but other than that all their dishes are worthy of trying.
Price - Pasok sa budget! Price point is reasonable.
Serving - Price + Serving = Equal
Parking - There are two spaces in front of the cafe, however it may be a bit hard to cross if your coming from the other side of the street. They can also be easily seen if your coming from Cubao, but if from Welcome the landmark is East West Bank, right side.
Ambiance - Calming and quiet, I tell you this is the place for Titas where you can relax and have coffee with friends.

1180 Don Graciano Bldg., E Rod., Sr Ave, New Manila Quezon City

Operating Hours:
Daily 12pm to 8pm


Lots of love