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Papa Beer | Your Pulutan Station

Filipinos have evolved in many ways during the years, may it be from socializing to meeting friends, eating out with barkadas and others more; But one thing that sticked through the years is what we call Inuman (drinking with friends). In any parties or get together you can never take out inuman to anyone. We know a lot of us loves to drink and have a great time but it will never be complete without pulutan (appetizer taken with alcohol). Some people prefer to drink with friends infront of their houses or at bars but now you can take your pulutan game at Papa Beer.

3 years in the making, Papa Beer opened their first station at Grub Hub where you can enjoy pulutan favorites served by the owners. Papa Beer was planned during, of course, in a drinking session with friends where they talked about their favorite appetizers they wanted to serve. I also wondered why the name Papa Beer since there were no beer options on their menu, instead it’s because majority of their food are beer battered! Plus, Papa Beer meaning Partner Pang Beer, see how witty they are :)

Some of their beer battered food are the Xxl pork steak, Crispy greens(kangkong) and chicken poppers.

Salads are no problem for Papa Beer since they also cater to our vegan friends. But if you just prefer salads then these ones are really good! What I liked about them are the seaweed strips haha, presentation is beautiful all the more with vibrant colors from veggies.

Among the two salads this is my pick! I love how they mixed the veggies and fruits together plus the thousand island dressing, magnifico! Salads are way healthier as pulutan but still no one beats the traditional ones :)

Speaking of beer battered, the XXL Pork Steak is one of them. Don’t fret since they won’t get you drunk but it gives a little kick to the batter, meat and batter proportion is balanced so value for money is great. There are three flavors, original, buffalo and bbq. Served to us was the buffalo flavor sided with fries tho I would recommend they switch to thick cut fries which looks more presentable. Sadly, they don’t serve rice, food park policy, but you can buy rice at the next stall.

One of the ultimate pulutan is Calamares, tender squids covered in special batter with mayo garlic sauce. Usually we dip calamares to vinegar but here they share to customers their take on calamares. The batter proportion is also great so no worries about that. Serving is good for barkadas tho if you’re a big group better order two because these babies will be fast gone because they are soooo good!

CRISPY GREENS (P65 single) ONIONS RINGS (P85 single)
I love their crispy greens (kangkong) and the leaves are generous in size! The one we have is a “bucket” type where it is very good for sharing the two appetizers. You can still order them separately for single or a bucket type as well. By the way the crispy greens are also beer battered, maybe that’s why I liked them more haha. The crispiness to it stays unlike others where it’s bathing in oil. The onion rings are also generous in size and very very tasty.

One of the most sold out item is their krablets, and now I know why. You can eat the whole thing without having a problem of shelling them! This is the best pulutan you can order! And oh their meat are all fresh, the owners buy it themselves at the market every other day so they are all safe to eat.

Papa Beer is the best place to pick if you’re looking for reasonable price of good serving food for your pulutan.

Food – Taste and amount served is great, although again they could switch to thick cut fries for the XXL Pork Steak.
Price – Reasonable for the price, since barkadas will share paying for it.
Serving – I can’t say it’s generous but what you get for the price is good enough and the taste is also good! So it’s a win win.
Parking – They are found at Grub Hub Food Park so no problem with parking, tho they can be full during weekends.
Ambiance – You can choose between hippieyard, junkyark and greenyard, but for Papa Beer we recommend staying at the hippieyard :)

Grub Hub - 47 Visayas Ave. Quezon City Quezon City 1101

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sun 11am to 11pm

Instagram: @papabeerph
Contact: 0926 677 0525

Lots of love