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The Smokeyard | Bringing American Taste Home


Inihaw food has been a staple to us Filipinos, and most of the time it's what we eat during drinking sessions, family outings and what not. Recently I have been introduced to "smoking" food and it interested us big time, and so we're on the look for restaurants who smoke meat. Luckily we found this spot at Poblacion Makati, The Smokeyard. A place where bbq lovers should visit!

Troy came back to Manila with all his knowledge and skills as a Professional Pitmaster and opened his own spot at Makati. From imported ingredients, well thought recipes and spices, this place will open up a new taste that's exciting to experience.

Interiors are also a sight to see with industrial elements, steel piped chairs and lights and an ambiance that will prepare you for a superb meal! Oh and if you guys are a basketball fan, then you're going to enjoy this place more with wide screens that show NBA plays.

Could not resist taking a photo of this!

LEMONADE (P160-P180)
One of the best Lemonades I've tasted! They put a small part of the lemon to the drink so it will not just taste sour but has an extra "umph" to it. It is not extremely sour but has the PERFECT taste for a lemonade.

Just like the name sweet tea, the exact taste. It's a tad sweet for me, but hey we all have different taste buds! It's still a good drink :)

On to the smoked meat! You can choose in solo plates or pick your meat, so you can have a taste of everything. They have three solo plates at the moment with specific meats and sides you can choose, or go crazy and try everything haha.

Smoked meat is a bit different from Inihaw, since it's slow cooking to get all the spices to meat. All the meats we got are delicious! It's like we were transported to America with every bite! The Spareribs are a bit different than the ones we have here, the meat does not easily fall off the bone. The goal is when we take a bite, it will have a bite mark to it, the proper way of smoking as per the teaching Troy knows.

The brisket is the first one you have to eat, since it easily dries up (that really happens). I love the taste, however ours got dry because we took photos of everything first before eating haha.

TRIVIA: They cook the brisket for 14 hours! 

DIRTY RICE (6oz P50, 8oz P70)
One of the best sides! We all love to partner rice with everything haha!

SMOKED BEANS (6oz P60, 8oz p80)
If you really want to have the whole package of an authentic American taste, then Smoked Beans should be your side dish. I swear it was like I was transported to America! There's a bit of spice to it which is perfect.

MAC + 4 CHEESES (6oz P140, 8oz P160)
As a cheese lover, you should not miss this. It tastes soooo good! It can stand alone too even without the meat.

The first time I tried pairing meat with bread. It's perfect with the Brisktet! The corn bread is not cooked in the traditional way since it's really far from Filipino taste. So to get us like this side, they made it according to what will pass with our palate.

When you're done with all the meat fest, there's always room for dessert. The banana pudding is not too sweet but just the perfect taste and size.

Smokeyard is definitely worth the visit! They do of course offer alcoholic drinks, perfectly paired with smoked meats.

Food - It's still a new taste we can consider. If ever you order the brisket, eat it right away so it will not dry up.
Price - Slightly pricey but very reasonable, due to imported ingredients and how long they put effort in cooking it. It's nice to treat yourself every once in a while.
Serving - The serving goes with the pricing. I can't say it's generous or a bit small. It was ok for me.
Parking - They have a parking space for their customers, not in front of the restaurant but walking distance.
Ambiance - It was great! I love the interiors, it was only a tad dark. Maybe if they add more lights then it's perfect.

The Smokeyard
5666 Don Pedro Street Makati

Operating Hours:
Tue - Sun 12pm to 12am

Instagram: @smokeyard
Contact: (02) 771 1288

Lots of love