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Koragem | Japanese Collagen Review

Aging is inevitable to every being, for women wrinkles, weaker bones, unhealthy hair are some of the signs we are aging. As much as possible we want to maintain that youthful and glowing skin and feel better about ourselves. Constantly taking care of ourselves is a must, having a healthy lifestyle through exercise and proper diet is a big help but it does not fully suffice if we want that healthy skin. Taking in collagen will boost and help a lot with the healthy skin we want. But what is Collagen exactly?

Collagen is naturally produced by our human bodies and lessens when we age. It is the key building block for firm, luminous and youthful skin. It also promotes healthy hair growth and joint strength. It is one of the best products every women should have. But mind you taking in Collagen is only crucial when we are in our early 20's or 25 since that is the time where collagen levels start to decline.

One of the best Collagen products I've tried is Koragem Premium, for a month supply of collagen I tried it out and see if there are effects I can share. I know, one-month lang?! Don't fret ladies, Koragem Premium claims that you will start to see results as early as 4 weeks. So let's see what the fuss is about.

I started taking Koragem this January and ended of course this February, here is an IG photo I posted when I ended my Koragem intake. At first I was a bit skeptical upon taking them since I think the right amount of dosage for Collagen is 5000mg per day or you can go up to 10,000mg-15,000mg according to your skin needs, nonetheless I still tried the product.

Every box has 10 capsules each, you can buy them at Mercury Drug Stores in Manila. The capsules are cream color coated, sorry I don't have a photo with me. As we all know Collagen smells and tastes very fishy but this one DOES NOT. That was the first thing I noticed and I loved that it does not have that fishy taste or smell to it. Plus even if you take it and have a burp you won't taste it.

Some collagen products require 2-3 tablets for one take but here you can only take one capsule per day and it's easier to swallow as it glides down smoothly. 

I know Meiji is one of the best Collagen products out there, prices at 1390 (Japanichi) and per scoop has 5000mg. While Koragem has 500mg per capsule, tho ingredients consists of hydroxyproline and nac which helps in absorption of collagen that's why results are amazing and fast. Pricing per box is just 299 pesos! I think the mg is still way low but to think this is affordable, plus the 2 ingredients which helps with collagen absorption it's a great product. So in all for 3 boxes only 900 pesos almost and gives great results!

While I was taking these for just 2 weeks I want to see results haha! I know too early, because I was excited to see how my skin will look. At the 3rd week going to 4th I can see some effects especially on my face, mind you I also use Olay on my face so I think that helped too. I put on makeup everyday and I started noticing how my foundation looks very well on my skin! How the finish looks, almost like glowing. Tho results are not too strong yet, you have to take it for more than a month to get maximum results, I can see some changes for me and I loved it! Feeling stronger and confident about myself is the best feeling. 

I loved it! I love the effect on my skin and how I looked glowing. About the effects on my skin and hair, I haven't noticed big changes yet so I think maybe I'll try for another month to see more results. Will I buy it again? Hell YES! But I'll try other Collagen products to see what works best for me. Still Koragem is still a great product :)


If you have any questions just put them on the comments below. If there are also products you want me to try or infos you want me to put just let me know :)

Koragem Premium Japanese Collagen

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