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Diligence Cafe | Student Workplace

I remember back when I was still a student, as a multimedia student, cramming for mid-term and final projects especially on thesis is very stressful. Having the comforts of home can either make us productive or unproductive, since we all have the resources from the bed, to the sofa, television, internet, home cooked meals to keep us boosted and what not. Hence, staying at home is more likely to decrease our productivity level. Students at times opt to stay at coffee shops or anywhere that is open for 24 hrs where you have to at least buy something the whole time you’re there, but don’t worry because now you can study or finish your projects at a place called Diligence Cafe.

Opened last August, Diligence Café aims to provide a space where people can be productive through their services. Co-owner Elmer Cuevas told us that because of his own experience they decided to put up a place where students can be motivated to study and be more productive maximizing all the resources they need. Diligence Café is not only for students nut they also cater to young professionals.

The café can accommodate up to 87 people including the meeting rooms. They maximize the whole place so students can share their tables with others. Cord extensions are available upon request, in addition to that they have a fast wifi! Yay!

What’s great about Diligence Café is they have a nap slip and to do list at the counter where you can register. Unlike in our houses when we tell ourselves we’ll only take a “NAP” for 30 minutes what happens is we sleep for 3 hours or even overnight! Here they take these slips seriously and wake you up on the time you state. Along with the slip they will give you a pillow where you can sleep on the table or the bean bags.

Lockers can be rented for a day, week or month depending on your needs.

Inside those doors are meeting rooms if you have group projects or anything you need discussing in private for an hour and can fit in 6 people.

These rooms are complete with tools you will need for a meeting, plus they have guidelines on using the facilities. By the ways outside food are not allowed as they have a corkage fee.

They also have a reader’s corner where you can review or read in their open library, plus they accept pre-loved books!

Bath shower services are too available for 100 pesos, which comes with a soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, towels and blow-dryer, for those who needs to stay overnight. This is great for students who have early classes.

Food is also not a problem since they provide them for an additional fee.

As of now Diligence Café only has one branch at Katipunan but they will soon expand to other University places to help more students to be diligent, hence the name Diligence Café.

*1hr – 70 pesos inclusive of unli-coffee, juice, wifi, power outlet, and napping service.
*Full day – 350 pesos inclusive of unli-coffee, juice, wifi, power outlet, napping service and free shower.
*1hr meeting room rental – 400 pesos inclusive of unli-coffee, juice, wifi, power outlet, and napping service.
*Full day meeting room renta – 2400 pesos for 8 pax.

Unit 2A, 2nd Floor, Elizabeth Hall, President Carlos P. Garcia Ave, Diliman, Quezon City

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sun 2:30pm to 7pm

Instagram: @diligencecafe
Contact: 0927 944 9908

Lots of love