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24th | Barkin' Blends

A wish come true. Another place I wanted to visit ever since I heard about it. As some of you may know I'm very fond of dogs, i love dogs, they make me happy and relaxed. Last October, on my birthday, I grabbed the opportunity to come this animal friendly spot at Katipunan.
Barkin' Blends was launched September 2014 wherein they provide an avenue of relaxation for guests. Unlike other cafe they created this atmosphere where humans and dogs can interact with each other. The cafe houses its own dog residents where they are well taken care of.

Coco (upper left), Smile (upper right), Piolo (lower right)

Psyche (beagle)

The cafe has 2 parts, human zone and dog zone. The human zone is where you buy food, drinks, and your ticket to the dog zone. While the dog zone is where you interact with the very very cute and friendly dogs. The ticket cost for the dog zone is P190 which is sulit, inclusive of a drink of your choice either coffee, milk tea, fruit tea and I forgot the other one haha, plus 2 hours with the dogs.

The dog zone is roomy where it can hold 30 people at a time. The place is very clean and you won't smell the usual scent of dogs. All in all they have 23 dogs of different breed, hindi lang lahat nakalabas so that some of them can rest, dogs can be stressed too. You can hold them and carry them, just ask assistance from the staff. Tho this is a place for dogs unfortunately we can't bring our own furry friends for safety purposes of the housed dogs.

This is Finn, he can count well! Pati addition kaya niya.

By the time that we're there a lot of them are asleep, tired I guess, but it's still a great experience. I spent two fine hours with these furry friends,I had so much fun interacting with the dogs, petting them and holding them. If I can do this weekly I would kung hindi lang malayo hehe. I'll see them again soon!

91 Rosa Alvero St., Loyola heights, Quezon City, Philippines

Operating Hours:
Mon 12pm - 9pm
Wed-Sun 12pm - 9pm

Instagram: barkinblends

Lots of love