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DiscoverMNL x Flatlay Workshop

DiscoverMNL and held a workshop last August 27 at Retail Lab Rockwell and I was one of the lucky winners to grab a slot. This was such a privilege because only 5 winners were picked and I really wanted a slot because it will help me massively on social media, I'm super excited! The workshop was about flatlay, instagram tips and food styling. So here I'm going to share some tips that I learned from this AWESOME workshop :)

  • Less is more - Use less food than you normally would
  • Add a feel to it - Use paper to add texture to plates (color white is mostly used)
  • Make it POP - Look for contrasts with backgrounds
  • Take action shots - Allow food to spill over naturally
  • Get some work-in progress shots - The simpler the better
  • Choose simple crockery and tableware - Emphasize the natural beauty of the food
  • Make them want it - Try and capture the YUM factor
  • Stay curious - Always be on the lookout for ideas (pinterest is a good place)

California Crunch Challenge
  • Strategic layering of food
  • Uniformity (same plates, silverware, papers, tablecloth and the like)
  • Use small plates and bowls
  • Think about the "YUM" factor of your food
  • Choose your props
  • Keep it fresh
  • Choose your angle and focus

Lifestyle Challenge
  • Use basic background (preferably white)
  • Shoot in natural light
  • Leave space between each object
  • Pick a THEME
  • Get inspired (pinterest is a good place to look into)
  • Shoot from a birds eye view
  • Experiment with arrangement layouts
  • Build a prop box
  • Have a HERO piece

I won a prize for this! :) Thanks to Rus for helping us with the layout. Check him out and click on his name for the link :)

The Coffee Bean Challenge which I won a prize again :)

All photos were taken from my phone (Samsung S7 Edge)

So those were the tips I learned from this amazing workshop! Many thanks to and DiscoverMNL for hosting this. I learned so much (plus met new friends!) and I'm hoping to level up my skills and join the next workshops :)

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Retail Lab - @retaillabph

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥