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Velvet Skincare | For Greater Skin

Organic Products hit it again! I know I have given a review earlier to another product, but I can't help it! Organic Products are the bomb! These products are not only effective but also very affordable! Last week I received these goodies from my friend who sells organic beauty products, hi Khristel! These products are from Velvet Skincare, BFAD and Dermatologist approved so no need to be scared to try them. They sell a lot of products, ranging from your face to your eyelashes, and anywhere there's skin. By the way they all smell GREAT!

(Power Balm - P275)
One of their best selling products. I've always wanted to buy one of these because they are great for scars, dark elbows and knees, bikini lines, ankles, dark spots and even butt area! Power Balm is made from Rosehip's oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and papaya extract! So it doesn't just whitens the skin but also smoothens it. Good thing babies and pregnant women can use this great balm. I love the scent of this!
Use 2x a day, after bath and before sleeping.

(Oh La Lash - P150)
Oh La Lash of course are for the lashes. The applicator looks like a mascara applicator so it's easier to use and us girls are already familiar with. Right now I have problems with my eyelashes as they were accidentally trimmed by my curler (tip: always place a rubber, a good rubber, on your curler para di kayo maputulan ng eyelashes) This product claims that it can grow and thicken your lashes 2-3x in just 7-10 days! I'm super excited to see benefits from this.
Use 2x a day, after bath and before sleeping.

(Unzit Cookie Soap - P200)
Milk, that's what I remember from this because it smells like milk. If I can just eat it! hahaha. Unzit Cookie Soap is the perfect soap for those who has dry skin, black heads of even acne. This will prevent all those marks that we ladies are scared to have! It has active ingredients like witchazel extracts, BHa, vegan oils, anti inflammatory herbal extracts. No need to be worried using this!
Let the soap soak for about 1-2 minutes on the face and then rinse. It can be used for bacne, let it soak for 3-5 minutes.

(Berry Soap - P250)
Last is the Berry Soap which smells awesome too. It has intense micro peeling to get rid of those old skin and give you newer whiter skin! It can give you results as early as 7 days so that's great.
Let it soak for 3-5 minutes and then rinse.

All these products are safe to use and are affordable! I will surely buy these to maintain that white and glowing skin.
Open for resellers. They have different instagram accounts for those who are in different places.

For more details:
Instagram: velvetskincare
Contact: 0932.878.9694 (viber only) & 0927.138.4385

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥