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K&L Cafe | From Baguio to the Metro

Looking for a wooden-modern-rustic-cozy atmosphere? Some of us think it can only be found in Baguio, but last October a place called K & L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes brought Baguio to the Metro. This modern rustic cafe is located at White Plains in front of Pan De Amerikana.

Sisters Karen and Loren are the owners sharing their childhood memories of Baguio from the interior to the ingredients of their delicious food. They aim to reenergize the body and mind with their food. K & L Cafe is also the sister brand of Blushing Cupcakes which specializes in cupcakes.

In a little spot you can buy some of Baguio favorites like peanut brittle, strawberry wine, mikasan chocolate flakes, Baguio Honey, Choco Tablea and even things like walis and bayong. No need to travel 6 hours just to buy that Baguio favorite, now you can have it faster.

Menu. I can say that I like how they showed their menu, it's very simple but you can feel at home and closer to the place.

Now their food!

(Chicken and Mushroom - P185)
Here I ordered their recommended Chicken and Mushroom, all I can say is IT'S THE BEST! It was a good choice, a complete meal with mixed brown and white rice, sided with corn, carrots and greens. The mushroom sauce is the BOMB! For me it's the winner because I love sauces like this, it's like the one you can use in Carbonara. Plus the chicken is not dry and is well seasoned.

(Daddy's Bourbon American Ribs - P295)
While Kevin ordered another recommended dish which is the Daddy's Bourbon American Ribs. We were a bit wow-ed by the serving size because it's very generous. The meat is tender and very juicy and it has more meat than bones :) Again it is served with mixed brown and white rice, corn, carrots and greens. While the sauce for the ribs.

(Famous Strawberry Calamansi - P95)
I usually don't order drinks but the staff again recommended their famous strawberry calamansi drink. You may think the 2 main ingredients would not come great together but they are very refreshing! I liked the strawberry bits.

(Grandma's Iced Vanilla Milk - P95)
Another drink is their vanilla iced milk which has bits of chocolate on top. A very refreshing drink, feels like I'm home! I loved the presentation where you drink at small shot-like glass.

(Mocha Dream Cake - P70)
The three layered cake which was moist and delicious of course.

They also offer cheesecakes where sadly I didn't get to try, but i will next time! 

The price is just right for the quality of food they serve, plus their friendly and accommodating staff. The time we ate here good thing we saw one of the owners, Loren, very accommodating. I had a very fun time in this cafe. Kinilig ako for sure with their food! K & L Cafe definitely gave an awesome mark for me. Not only does the place gives that cozy atmosphere but SULIT every bite! 

K & L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes

Address: 138 White Plains (Katipunan Ave.), St. Ignatius, Quezon City.
Tel.: 234-5965

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥