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Short Hair | Cre8 Salon


I finally got my haircut after so long! I've been growing my hair for about two years now because before noong nasa pep pa ako we we're required to cut our hair short and so after those days I took advantage of growing my hair very long.

My hair's soooo long and DRY plus I have a hard time brushing it. Madalas din siya maipit sa likod ko kapag nakahiga at sa underams haha. I was actually hesitant to cut my hair kasi ayoko na gumastos pero dahil nahihirapan na ako go lang, good thing we found this promo from cre8 salon!

This promo is good for this whole August, I didn't believe it at first but then I called the salon to confirm their promo and it was legit! We went there immediately and started the process.

My very long hair!

First trim, I told them to trim it long first so I can decide what exact length I want it. I lost so much hair! haha

And there, the length I want it to be. There are three processes in the promo:
  1. Hair Cut
  2. Hair Color (My hair got lighter this time, I'm not sure tho what color they used)
  3. Hair Reborn (Like a hair spa)

Tadaa!!! I was so happy with what they did to my hair, the length and color. Mababait din sila ate na gumawa sa buhok ko. 

The branch we went to is in Kamias Road, they have a parking space so no worries where to park. If you want to visit Cre8 Salon they have five branches:

Cre8 Salon
Kamias Road

Instagram: cre8_salon

I will surely return here!

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥