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Pet Expo 2015

Dogs, they say are man's best friend. Last August 1 I attended a Pet Expo in SMX, as some of you may know I'm CRAZY about dogs! Any breed of dogs (kahit aspin pa hehe). When I heard about this event I was totally psyched and excited to visit and I think that shows in the pictures, as I was not able to take a lot of them hahaha! I was busy staring and petting the dogs. This was my first pet expo, thanks for Pet Express for making it happen again, this was their fourth year.

The event lasted for two days, Aug. 1-2 where pet owners can interact with others, enjoy each others company and good shopping finds for the furry ones! It's a good thing that they have these talks about how to be a good parent (owner) to your pets, how we can adopt and shelter pets, a bomb sniffing demonstration plus a first ever doggie yoga session! how cute is that?! There are also games for the owners and the pets that I got to watch.
It as totally a god experience, to see my co-pet owners sharing the love for other pets. Sayang lang I didn't get to bring my dog, but there will be next year and I won't miss it!

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥