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Pizza x Chicken Wings


Pan, tomato sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, the basic ingredients to create a mouth-watering pizza. Hmm... just the sound of that makes me crave for more!

Steveston Pizza is a Canadian Restaurant which serves delectable food.

Last week while in UPTC we got to walk by Steveston Pizza and try their delicious food :)

This is the counter where you can see the chef making everyone's order of pizzas. I love to see food places where I can witness how they make our food.

Here we ordered Chicken Wings in 12 pcs. (300 pesos) half of it was in terriyaki sweet and spicy, by the way the flavors are spot on!!! The spicy wings made us cry hahaha! Super anghang pero ang sarap :)

Of course the pepperoni pizza (399 pesos) it's sliced in 12 pcs. of heavenly taste every bite! SUPER SUPER DELICIOUS! We haven't get to finish it so we took some home.

The Menu:
Classic Pizza 399 pesos
Marguerite 499 pesos
The Elements 699 pesos
The Colours 799 pesos
The Journey 899 pesos
The C-Pizzas 1,299 pesos
Dessert 199 pesos

The food is a bit pricey but given the taste it's all worth the bite. If you ever get to stop by this place you won't regret it! They also deliver.

UP Town Center

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Contact numbers: +632-9552273, +63917-9043428

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥