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Kko Kko | Home Of Seoul Chicken


K-Pop, Korean telenovelas, makeup, clothing are becoming more and more popular today and most of all the food is also something we look forward to. Lots and lots of Korean restaurants and cafes are found everywhere and we found an authentic one at Garnet St. Ortigas. If you love cheese, chicken and Korean food this is the place to be!

Kko Kko, owned by Grace Lee, is a local Korean chicken house where they specialize serving the present day Korean cuisine. Since they serve Korean cuisine all their ingredients are sourced from Korea to keep it's authenticity.

Interiors are simple yet fun and relaxing, color scheme used is to give a light vibe to every diner. Their wall is absolutely instagram worthy! Plus they have a wall full of polaroid photos and short messages from previous diners and also Grace Lee herself. Don't forget to put on #GotToKkoKko on your instagram photos!

There are more or less 15 tables available so don't worry not having a table at this place.

Now the food.

Dosirak is very popular in Korea, started in the 70's, for the blue collared job workers and students this served as their "baon" or lunchbox where they put it in their bags and all is mixed inside just like a bibimbap. Dosirak is served with sweet dilis, stewed kimchi and sunny side egg, rice and your choice of meat. They also have an instructional video on how to eat it properly, first you need to have a taste on all the elements before mixing them then pour the sauce, cover, shake it like there's no tomorrow. Ika nga shake it ng gigil, parang gigil sa ex mong iniwan ka haha.

A very cool and refreshing take on iced tea. My favorite is the lychee green tea, but both tastes good.

If you're not driving or you're riding an uber don't forget to try their soju slush! This one is a backstabber since the alcohol will hit you minutes after, but it tastes great! This one is in melon flavor and they have it in banana or strawberry. 

At first I thought it was an ice cream since they said melona, I didn't expect soju hahaha but it's a great experience to try it.

I was excited to try their Snow Chicken Cheese since I love cheese so much, they told me that if you love Potato Corner you will definitely love this and it's healthier to eat than fries! The taste was kinda sweet but very flavorful! The chicken also tasted wonderful, we got a winner here!

The Snow Chicken Chili is great for people who LOVE and are devoted to spicy food, I say devoted and love because this one is REALLY SPICY. Grace Lee loves spicy food but this makes her cry but aside from that it's all good :) The spices and flavors are all on point.

Ok, when I said I love cheese I cried when I saw this haha! I have been looking for cheese fondue for a time and I found it here at Kko Kko. The platter is served with fries with the same spice as the snow chicken chili, homemade onion rings, boneless chicken chunks tossed is yang num sauce of your choice.

The flavors we got for the chicken is oh my garlic and sweet chili, I liked sweet chili more. I enjoyed the fries and onion rings on the fondue, it was like what I just imagined it would be. If you're planning to eat with your friends this one is a must!

Here's a video for you guys! Enjoy!

Kko Kko plans on expanding this year to Market Market and Makati so watch out for that! 

Overall Experience:
Food - VERY GOOD, you get to taste their culture and cuisine even tho it's the modern day food.
Service - Great, the staff are all attentive to our needs and they are polite.
Parking - Not sure about this one but I think you can park inside the building Kko Kko is in, we just grabbed our way there. The place was not that hard to find too.
Ambiance - K-pop music on the background, place is nice, I love the wodden boxes and plants on it.

Again I had fun with my Kko Kko experience and I can recommend it to everyone. It truly is the Home of Seoul Chicken :)

Kko Kko
North Tower, The Sapphire Bloc Building, Sapphire Road cor Onyx and Garnet St, Ortigas, Pasig

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sun 11am to 11pm

Instagram: @kkokkoph
Contact: (02) 535-7689

Lots of love