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Hong Kong | Day 2

They say one of the best ways to get to know the city is to get lost in it. For our 2nd day we went around the city by foot and here is our adventure.

They serve the BEST cheese tart, too bad i ate it all to show you hahaha. I was really glad to see this cute shop as some of you may know I love cheese and dairy. If you want to try this drop by at Tsim Sha Tsui Cameron Rd.

Mongkok Ladies Market. This is where to find the best pasalubong to your family and friends. Always remember na tumawad when you buy!

You can take the MTR or their bus to get to Mongkok.

They sell the tastiest snack, it's like a waffle with peanut butter and margarine on it.

Since we can't find Chatime here this is the closest we got. Good thing it tastes as good as Chatime! :)

Temple Street, another night market where the place is surrounded by food and culture.

You can get here by taking the MTR, get off on Jordan.

Hong Kong is a great City with a lot of streets to get lost to. Enjoy!

Lots of love