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Day of the Month

It's that day of the month where the fruit of your labor arrives. It's my first sweldo! :)
And of course the first person that I spent it with is no other than mommy. We went to ATC and ate at Johnny Rockets, it was our first time and I really liked the interior, very vintage.

There are lots of coca cola posters, and they are everywhere.

We ordered the Chilli fries and Hamburger Steak. I love the chilli fries, heck i love potatoes!

The waitress made a smiley face with ketchup, very cute! :)

And before going home we bumped into these people.

It was money well spent. I just didn't had the chance to taste their milkshakes, but I will
definitely come back. It was nice to pay for the food for once :)

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥