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The Sinful Bucket

Don't you just sometimes have a bad or stressful day at work or school? Maybe want to lift off some steam and indulge in food? Maybe a little cheat day? In a land where people try hard to eat healthy, I present to you THE SINFUL BUCKET. A newly opened sandwich joint at Communeaty, Tomas Morato where their original Crispy Fried Sandwiches are served. 

Owned by couple Mabelle and Dax started way back 2013 when what they only made were Tuna spread sandwiches that sold out instantly day 1 in their office. Years passed with endless practice and come 2016 they ventured into having their own Sandwich Joint, with the help of a friend, and The Sinful Bucket was born.

What made them different among others are the sandwiches used where it's handmade, the texture, how they are cooked and different bread per sandwich.

WARNING: These sandwiches are indulgence sandwich, nothing healthy since they are fried and liberated, also great for pulutan or partnered with coffee. Now on to tasty sandwiches!

Deep fried sandwich with homemade creamy Jalapeno sauce, bacon bits, mushroom and mozzarella cheese is one of their best sellers, plus it's great for kids. I like it dipped into their signature marinara sauce! By the way one order is good for sharing!

Another of their Crispy Fried Sandwich is their Crisperoni, like the Cheesy Bacon the only difference is the pepperoni, pizza sauce and cheddar cheese. This one I liked better since you can taste clearly the pepperoni.

This one is for the barako boys which is best paired with a beer. This sandwich is wrapped with 6-12 bacons WOW, this is a clear competitor for the Zark's bacon wrapped burger! Inside is a sunny side up egg with 3 cheese that tastes subtle, glazed with bacon maple syrup. On the side are fries, ketchup and bacon maple syrup. This one I love!!!! Dipped it to the syrup and I was sold.

Spicy tender chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onion and french fries toppings. This wow-ed me when they served it. It was huge! But we managed to eat it. The cheese sauce on top is perfect! Sided by cheetos, ketchup and barbeque sauce. It's best dipped to the barbeque sauce. 

I cried eating this hahaha! This sandwich has bananas, hazelnut sauce, vanilla sauce and semi melted marshmallows, great for kids! As of now this is their only dessert available.

The Sinful Bucket offers other sandwiches too so you better check their spot! By this time they are still on the progress of evolving their sandwiches plus expanding! They will soon be adding pasta and maybe a chocolate drink :) By the way you can order their food online too plus other lunches! Just check Dab's Kitchen to go.

All in all my experience was great! The owners were very accommodating and the food was great tho they can still improve. Super nakakabusog and I love it! Great price, great serving, generous amount.

120 Don A. Roces Ave cor. Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Philippines

Instagram: @thesinfulbucket
Contact: (0919) 585-6338

Lots of love