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Beiruti Bite Your Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

Craving for an authentic Middle Eastern Mediterranean cuisine? Then you should definitely try stopping by Beiruti Bite! Found in Quezon City you can enjoy their delicious offers and feel their modern vibe with ornaments straight from Beirut.

Everything straight from Beirut.

I'm really sorry tho for the lack of food porn I got caught up with the food and forgot to take pictures! But you can visit their place to taste for yourself :) All I can say is how more authentic can you get with the food?! The ingredients and tools used for cooking all came from Beirut, cool! The Kebabs are wonderful and the servings are great at nabusog talaga ako. I remembered ordering their Grilled Beef and Kafta with rice and veggies. I also loved their sauces especially the chili sauce, definitely has a spike.

We took a picture with the owner and he was friendly and accommodating :) We were surprised when he let us wear this hat (the red one) which was in his family for i think 100 years! Talk about vintage. Overall it was a good experience, the place, food and price. Oh and you can have your Shisha session with your friends for P195-250.

Beiruti Bite
Second Floor, ITC Building, Panay Avenue corner Timog Avenue, South Triangle

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat 11am to 2am
Closed on Sundays

Facebook: Beiruti.Bite
Instagram: @beiruti.bite
Contact: 4168352

Lots of love
Alyssa ♥