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New Power Bank for me


So my original post was gone, I think I erased it accidentally -_- but anyway this is my latest order from Lazada, a yoobao 10400 mAh powerbank! I bought this one because of the great deal, it's not that expensive and it has good reviews.

Aside from the powerbank, inside the box is a charger cord along with a small instruction on how to use the powerbank.

Another feature that I like was you can charge 2 phones at the same time! And it has a flashlight on the middle, you can push and hold the button on the other side to light it.

The circles light up blue when you are charging, when the 4 circles are blue it means it has 100% battery, 75% for three, 50% for 2 and 25% for one. Charging the whole powerbank takes 7 hours so you can do it overnight before heading out in the morning. 

After using it I'm loving how it's fast charging and it's very portable to bring anywhere, not only is it light but it's minimal yet stylish!

Lots of love
 Alyssa ♥